Private school students shine in CSS 2021 exam

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Islamabad: Most of the CSS 2021 exam passers had their early education in private schools, putting a question mark on their performance in public schools.

According to the Federal Public Service Commission’s (FPSC) 2021 Annual Report, a total of 34% of eligible candidates are from state private schools, 15% are from military/garrison schools, and 14% are from public schools. From, 5% came from overseas schools. .

From 2017 to 2021, the total number of candidates participating in the CSS exam has grown exponentially from 23,000 in 2017 to nearly 40,000 in 2021. In all these years, eligible male participants were 62% he and the rest were eligible female candidates.

Additionally, according to the annual report available on this scribe, most of the candidates who passed the 2021 CSS exam were between the ages of 25 and 27. Bachelor’s degree.

Over the five years from 2017 to 2021, 149,718 candidates applied for the CSS exam. Of these, 100,095 were male and 49,623 were female. However, he appeared on the CSS exam with only 72,455 candidates (46,623 men and 25,832 women). Of these, 1,955 candidates passed the exam, and in the end he was assigned to another position with 1,174.

A breakdown by gender revealed that 62% of male candidates and 38% of female candidates passed the exam, with 61% of male candidates and 39% of female assignments nationally. rice field.

The pattern of candidate participation in CSS exams from 2017 to 2021 reflects a steady increase from year to year. The total number of candidates has increased from 23,025 in 2017 to 39,650 in 2021. Participation rates for female and male candidates increased to 50% and 40%, respectively.

The 27-29 age group had the highest number of candidates for the CSS Competitiveness exam in 2021, but the highest number of successful candidates declined in the 25-27 age group.

First division holders performed significantly better than other candidates. 91% of those who passed passed the CSS exam 2021 in the first division, while only 9% of those who passed the competitive exam in the second division.

Interestingly, the largest number of qualified candidate fathers were graduates. The data further show that of the candidates assigned under CSS CE-2021, 03% had a master’s degree, 34% had a master’s degree, 25% had a bachelor’s degree in engineering, 13% had a bachelor’s degree, and 11% had a medical degree. It shows that you are getting


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