Quordle today – Tips and Answers for Tuesday, March 21st (Game #421)

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Quordle has to be approached differently than Wordle. With 4 puzzles to solve in 9 guesses, you can’t just blindly fling letters and expect to win. If you think strategically, you have a much higher chance of winning.

Of course, in Wordle, but even more so in Quordle.

There are two important things to remember.

1. Use some opening words

First, you don’t need just one first word, but almost certainly two or three opening words.

These first words should be one of the best Wordle first words. Because the same things that make these words work well apply here. But then you should choose another word or two that uses more of the most common consonants and contains the remaining vowels.

For example, I currently use STARE > DOILY > PUNCH. Between them, these three words use 15 of the 26 letters of the alphabet, the five vowels Y and the nine most common consonants (S, T, R, D, L, P, N, C, and H). There are plenty of other options, and you might want to put M, B, F, or G in place of H, but something like that should do the trick.

If all goes well, you’ll have a good clue as to what the one or possibly two answers are. If not, good luck!

2. Filter

Second, when faced with a word where the answer could easily be one of several options, say -ATCH, it could be MATCH, BATCH, LATCH, CATCH, WATCH, HATCH, PATCH. Guess the words that narrow down those choices.

Wordle lets you instead try several of these in succession and hope one is correct. But that’s assuming there’s enough guesswork left. It’s risky, but it can also work. Plus, it’s the only option in hard mode. But with Quordle, this almost certainly fails. You simply can’t make a good enough guess.

In the scenario above, CLAMP can point to 4 out of 7 words at once, making it a very good guess.


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