Real estate market in Bengaluru holds great promise: Ashwinder R Singh

Ashwinder R Singh


In an interaction with Sanjeev Sinha, Mr Ashwinder R Singh, CEO of Residential at Bhartiya Urban in Bengaluru and a bestselling author, shares his views on the future prospects of India’s real estate sector and talks about his latest book. Excerpts:

What is your view on the recent report indicating a 19% decline in housing sales in Bengaluru during April-June?

I view this as a temporary fluctuation in the market. Bengaluru’s dynamic startup ecosystem and well-established IT industry continue to attract millennials from all over India, making it a desirable city for settling down. As a result, the real estate sector in Bengaluru will likely continue to thrive. The properties in Bengaluru have always been designed to meet the needs of end-users and their families, offering well-developed homes in convenient locations. These apartments and houses cater to families’ requirements for facilities and social infrastructure. While end-users may also view buying a home as an investment, their focus differs from that of property investors, who primarily seek long-term returns on investment. Therefore, the real estate market in Bengaluru holds great promise and is poised to deliver substantial returns.

Why has Bhartiya Urban emerged as a popular residential destination in Bengaluru?

Bhartiya City is an inclusive and sustainable development; integrating homes, workspaces, shopping spaces, hospital, school, parks and bike paths to enliven and enrich citizens’ lives. A city where local colour is celebrated and championed, and Global Best Practices meet Indian culture. Harnessing their insight into lifestyle solutions across the world, Bhartiya Urban, the real estate subsidiary, created Bhartiya City. Conceived in partnership with our residential brand, Nikoo Homes, this is the first integrated city of its kind in India. An experienced team of professionals comprising some of the best local and international talent in the real estate development industry, with many years of combined experience, has collaborated with architects and urban planners of international repute to bring their expertise to Bhartiya City. Bhartiya’s urban mixed-use hub is what binds the city and its varied districts together. Bhartiya City spreads over 25 million sq. ft. and is being built around a vibrant City center. Urban spaces of various scales and characteristics connect numerous activities and experiences, including shopping, hotels, a financial district, an IT park, a hospital, and schools.

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What is your advice to investors in real estate?

Investing in the Indian real estate market holds great potential for profitability. The market’s future looks promising, with healthy economic growth forecasted and an expected rise in housing demand. Notably, there is a growing trend of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) investing in the Indian market, seeking retirement homes or secondary residences for vacation purposes. Considering these factors, investing in real estate in 2023 presents a favorable opportunity to capitalize on favorable market conditions and reap long-term benefits.

Can you provide an overview of your latest book ‘Master Residential Real Estate’?

‘Master Residential Real Estate’ is my second book, and it has generated immense enthusiasm among homebuyers, channel partners, developers, and real estate professionals alike. This book serves as a comprehensive guide, empowering both homebuyers and industry experts with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the real estate market successfully. Drawing from my extensive experience and expertise, it aims to assist individuals in achieving their real estate aspirations. Unlike superficial resources, ‘Master Residential Real Estate’ goes beyond the surface level, offering visually captivating presentations and diving deep into topics such as real estate policies, regulations, and market trends. It simplifies the often complex documentation process while shedding light on legal essentials and potential pitfalls to avoid, making it an invaluable guide for homebuyers. Through its fresh and captivating approach, the book aims to demystify the intricacies of the real estate industry. My first book was ‘The A to Z of Residential Real Estate.’

What are your accomplishments?

I am fortunate to be recognized in the Indian real estate sector as a bestselling author and a thought leader. It is truly humbling to have received prestigious accolades, including the honour of being named Real Estate Person of the Year, South, by Construction Week in 2022 and being recognized as the Most Enterprising CEO of the Year in 2016. Additionally, I am grateful to have been listed among the Top 15 Real Estate Influencers by Realty+ and honoured as the Thought Leader of the Year by International Brand Equity in 2023. I also have the privilege of serving as the Co-Chair of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Regional Committee on Real Estate, which allows me to contribute to shaping the industry I deeply care about.


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