Real-Time Conversational Intelligence: Transforming the End-User Experience in Modern Business

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To Harmandeep Singh Matal Mihup Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

One of the key ingredients to the success of any modern business, regardless of size, location or industry, is excellent customer service. In this era of competitive advantage, there are multiple brands offering similar products/services at the same price point, and at the end of the day, the customer is what counts. It continues to struggle with a lack of unparalleled visibility into customer interaction data that can be analyzed.

The Need for Conversational Intelligence
The evolution of digital commerce has greatly increased brand reach and awareness. With the right marketing campaigns, your customers will want to know more about your product and will have people asking for help with your product. When a company cannot respond to customer inquiries, it leads to customer churn and reduced revenue opportunities. Manual training processes are time consuming, error prone, and unsatisfying.

But if you make the strategic decision to use Conversation Intelligence to enhance your customer service processes, you’re guaranteed to reap incredible additional benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the ways his AI-powered Conversation Intelligence platform improves customer experience and brand value.

Continuous Performance Improvements – Good customer service happens when customers feel heard and valued. This is only possible if agents are well trained on common customer questions and concerns. But even with a quality analysis team in place, traditional contact centers can’t analyze more than 5% of him, with thousands of calls coming in every day. As a result, 95% of conversations go unheard, leaving brands with a highly biased understanding of their customers. It also doesn’t give you an accurate picture of agent performance. For example, in a random evaluation, QA might choose conversations where agents provided excellent responses and scored on all parameters. However, the other 10 calls she received were unsatisfactory and error prone.

With Conversation Intelligence, AI can listen to every call, acting with the same consistency, judging by the same parameters, without boredom or distraction. So agents and brands can fully understand the concerns and needs of their customers, regardless of the number of calls. This helps businesses review their customer service processes, products, and services and make changes or improvements accordingly. Hence, there is a continuous improvement in efficiency and service levels that enhances the overall brand reputation.

Real-time support for agents – Calls on hold for long periods of time and customers unable to find the information they are looking for are common scenarios. Today, businesses are dynamically looking to increase conversions and cover new audience segments by introducing new products and features. However, agents who continue to provide support based on training received months ago or product information previously shared may not be aware of recent updates. This inability to provide customers with accurate information can hinder brand reputation and conversion potential.
Again, conversation intelligence acts as an enabler. The platform can listen to calls in real-time, automatically identify the caller’s intentions and emotions, and even understand what the caller wants. The platform integrates with the organization’s CRM to automatically find and pull the information customers are looking for. Share information or suggested steps in the form of queues on the agent’s screen. Therefore, agents do not necessarily have to manually perform searches or put callers on hold. The accuracy of the information provided is also very high. Therefore, the agent is more confident in providing the necessary information and assisting in a much shorter turnaround his time. Conversation intelligence platforms can also take notes, bookmark key moments, and create call summaries. This reduces agent effort and fatigue, making it a win-win situation for everyone!

Times have changed and digital transactions are booming. Changes in customer behavior and expectations require brands to serve users more efficiently. Conversational intelligence is one of the leading technologies that help companies increase their capabilities, reduce long-term operating costs, and achieve superior customer and talent retention. This is the trend of our time, and organizations making the switch will remain relevant going forward.


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