Redesigning Your Website May Lower Your Rankings

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If you have a personal blog or website you need to update it after a while, right? I mean your website can’t look the same forever. Design trends are constantly evolving and people’s tastes are always changing. So you can’t afford to keep your website looking old. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change the design of your website for a while.

The reason may not necessarily be that they are changing. Like me, I saw another of her website designs and thought, “Wow! I have to make my website look like this.” Whatever it is, maybe that’s why it’s not growing.

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Redesigning your website can lower your ranking in search engines

A member of the Google Search Relations team named Gary Illyes made a post on LinkedIn talking about this. In the post, he said, “Redesigning your website can lead to lower search engine rankings.

He went into this further, explaining: For example, if you want to split a paragraph, remove the H tag in favor of CSS styles. Alternatively, adding split tags (especially true for CJK languages) can change the output of the HTML parser and change your site’s ranking. ” website redesign

To put this in plain language, he means that redesigning a website is not a bad idea. You should not change the core HTML code of your website. Doing this means search engines have to read your website over and over. We all know the end result when this happens. Lower ranking of your website.

Keep HTML code intact when redesigning your website

Gary also recommends redesigning your website with HTML code that has similar descriptions to your current code. Also, you should avoid using tags that you don’t actually need.

So if you really know what you’re doing, you can change the interface of your website. If you don’t want your ranking to drop, try to keep your HTML code as similar as possible.



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