ReSight Global Acquires India’s Leading UX Company PeepalDesign

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Chicago , January 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ReSight Global, an employee-owned UX research and design organization, expands its global footprint into nine major markets by acquiring control of PeepalDesign.original India, PeepalDesign, is a UX research and design agency with over 65 full-time UX researchers and designers. The acquisition brings many benefits to ReSight Global’s clients, including access to his 220 of his UX experts around the world. Tokyo, Shanghai, Chicago, London, Basel, Hamburg, Munich, BangaloreWhen Pune.

“The PeepalDesign team is excited about the opportunity to work more closely with the industry-leading teams at Bold Insight, uintent, Uism, and XplusX,” said Durga Prasad, co-founder and CEO of PeepalDesign. . “We have a shared vision of how to provide world-class research and design services to our clients. India Alignment to foster an employee-centric culture that provides ownership opportunities for team members. This employee-centric model is the common thread across ReSight Global’s companies, making it a truly special organization. “

Founded in 2010, PeepalDesign Bangaloreinnovation capital Indiawith satellite office Puneand remote teams Mumbai When DelhiPeepalDesign’s culturally and linguistically diverse team helps clients peel back layers of complexity to uncover insights for a deeper understanding of people and their use of technology. They transformed these insights into intuitive and engaging experiences, making them trusted experts for designing enterprise-scale experiences.

“We are thrilled to welcome PeepalDesign to the ReSight Global family,” commented Tim Bosenick, managing director of ReSight Global and co-founder of uintent. “Apart from being able to work more closely with our talented team, ReSight Global companies are now able to deliver seamless, high-quality research in an increasingly important global marketplace.”

For more information on ReSight Global or PeepalDesign, visit [email protected].

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ReSight Global is a family of employee-owned UX and human factors agencies in the US and UK (Bold Insight). Japan (Uism), China (X Plus X), Germany When Switzerland (unintended), and India (People Design). For more information, please visit

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