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Product offer: Stocks, Options, ETFs, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Cryptocurrencies, Forex

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Main benefits

Rivobanc has continuously improved and innovated its trading practices and policies to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. Despite its reputation as an entry-level trading platform, Rivobanc also offers some unique advantages that attract professional traders and active investors. Here are the main reasons why we recommend it.

Easy-to-use dual trading platform

Rivobanc boasts highly intuitive desktop and mobile platforms with a client-centric design for traders of all levels. Its desktop and mobile versions feature a simple and customizable interface that allows you to personalize the usability and trading experience to your needs and preferences.

superior trade execution

The broker’s two trading platforms leverage smart order routing technology to deliver the best price execution. Optional technology routes all orders to various market centers and automatically executes each trade at the lowest cost market center.

excellent educational program

Clients of this broker also have access to extensive educational resources in various formats. These materials provide insight into asset classes, markets, and other content that helps you make informed financial decisions.

Overview of Ribobank

Rivobanc now has a strong position in the market. Its intuitive dual trading platform simplifies trading for all types of investors. Additionally, the broker’s smart order routing technology eliminates common headaches when executing trades. Rivobanc also offers a number of carefully selected educational materials to help traders navigate the complexities of online investing with less hassle. However, the broker should have a web version of him and that service should be available in some jurisdictions.

Strong Points

  • Easy-to-use dual trading platform
  • excellent order execution
  • rich educational resources
  • Access to many investment products


  • No web-based trading program
  • Service not available in some countries

trading platform

Rivobanc clients have two trading platforms: a desktop version and a mobile app. The broker has streamlined both platforms with similar trading tools and features that ensure easy navigation for all traders.

Our unique smart order routing technology is one of the key features that distinguishes Rivobanc’s superior trade execution. Traders can also route their orders directly to specific market centers, but this technology allows them to execute trades quickly at the best prices available in the market.

Rivobanc’s desktop and mobile platforms integrate a relatively simple design, but give users access to several tools and features. Key tools and account amenities offered on Rivobanc include charting, asset screeners, mutual fund evaluators, calculators, portfolio analysis, multi-leg options, research and news.

Product offering

Rivobanc’s portfolio may not be as robust as many established players in the industry, but it incorporates a wide range of investment products. Apart from standard asset classes, Rivobanc also offers a range of unique products that guarantee fixed returns. Below are the products currently available at Rivobanc.

  • stock
  • option
  • ETFs
  • Foreign exchange
  • bond
  • mutual fund
  • Crypto

The broker also announced plans to roll out IPOs, precious metals and other selected securities with high growth potential in the coming months.


Rivobanc charges different fees and margin rates, primarily based on tiers. However, some deals also use per-contract pricing. Here are the key points of Rivobanc pricing and costs.

  • No account minimum
  • No commission for stock trading
  • Options account opening costs less than $1
  • Foreign exchange fees apply for international transactions
  • No software, paper transactions, and inactivity fees

Rivobanc offers several no-trading mutual funds that you can access without fees. However, other charges may apply depending on the transaction. So please inquire about exact fees and spreads before trading with Rivobanc.


Rivobanc’s commitment to providing a first-class user experience is also reflected in its extensive teaching materials. The broker offers a rich investor education program through carefully selected video tutorials, articles, infographics and webinars.

Who is Ribobank best suited for?

Rivobanc focuses on a first-class user experience, an easy-to-use dual trading platform, superior trade execution, and extensive educational resources. We also offer a wider range of products for different types of traders and investors. Rivobanc generally offers comprehensive online investment opportunities, but is best suited for novice traders and casual investors.

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