Samsung’s new ad tells iPhone users that the Galaxy is waiting for you.

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Samsung believes that there are many people who “sit on the fence between Apple and Samsung.” So I created a new ad to try and draw them to that side. An ad featuring a literal man sitting on a literal fence.

So, literally or not, to those on the fence, Samsung said: “The galaxy is waiting for you.” Buying Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 is sure to get a lot of attention from his Apple device owners who are interested in the new gadget.

Someone should probably tell Samsung that “regular” users have never said the words “Galaxy Z Flip4” in that order to anyone… not their friends in particular. That’s not how people talk. But the fact that it’s so obvious just makes the whole naming scheme look even more interesting than usual. And no Apple phone has ever done that.

If you’re interested in the Galaxy Z Flip 4, don’t miss our in-depth review of the South Korean company’s two latest foldable smaller ones. We also reviewed the Galaxy Z Fold4.


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