Serbia says KFOR refused to return troops to Kosovo

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BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — NATO-led peacekeepers in Kosovo have rejected a request from Serbia to allow security forces to return to a separate province amid ongoing tensions, the Serbian president said on Sunday. Stated.

Aleksandar Vucic said the KFOR peacekeepers were deployed to Kosovo after NATO allied bombing forced Serbian troops and police out of Kosovo in 1999 and responded that there was no need for the Serbian army to return.

Serbia made the request in mid-December amid heightened tensions over the arrest of a former Serbian police officer in Kosovo. This has led to roadblocks in the north of the country, where Serbs are predominantly inhabited.

These tensions were later eased in an effort by the EU and the US to promote an EU-mediated dialogue between the former Balkan war enemies. Serbia has not recognized Kosovo’s 2008 declaration of independence, and the dispute could become a flashpoint.

In the latest incident, an off-duty Kosovar security officer shot and wounded two Serbs, including an 11-year-old boy, in central Kosovo last week. The man was arrested after an incident near the town of Strpce, according to Kosovar police.

The conflict in Kosovo erupted when separatist Albanians rebelled against Serbian rule and Belgrade responded with a brutal crackdown that prompted NATO to intervene. And most of them were Albanians.

Serbia claims hundreds of its security forces have the right to redeploy under a post-war UN resolution.Belgrade says returning troops to Kosovo will help ease tensions. But Kosovo and Western officials vehemently reject the allegations.

Vucic said KFOR’s response to Serbia’s demands was expected as Western countries support Kosovo’s independence. Serbia has relied on Russia and China to maintain its claim to the former state, which many Serbs consider the heart of the country.

The West “wasn’t worried about Serbian boys being injured,” Vucic complained on pro-government Pink TV. “I didn’t expect another answer from KFOR.”

Both Serbia and Kosovo have been told they need to normalize ties if they want to move forward towards EU membership. We will provide support to advance the negotiations mediated by the EU.


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