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The Serbian government will meet at 8pm tonight to adopt a request for the KFOR to return its army and police to Kosovo.

Source: Novosti

EPA-EFE/Andrey Kukić

EPA-EFE/Andrey Kukić

Serbian President Alexander Bui was also invited to the government meeting.

A document has been submitted under the command of an international military mission, the key details of which were released by Novosti on Monday, and bearing in mind that neither KFOR nor EULEX have done much to protect us, I We have absolute rights. People in the state, who have been suffering from Alvin Kurti’s terror for months, have been criticized by the media state.

Recall that the provisions of resolution 1244 on the return of our security forces are designed to imply the KFOR’s obligation to facilitate the arrival of Serbian troops and police in Kosovo and Metohija.

In recent days, German Foreign Minister Annalena Beerbock and US Presidential Special Envoy Gabriel Escobar have spoken out against the idea.


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