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Squarespace’s pricing is split into four different plans and is touted as simple and straightforward. Users are free to change or cancel their chosen plan at any time, and refunds or new charges will be pro-rated. Whether you’re looking for a simple website to use for your blog or want to create a full online store, there really is an option for everyone.

Squarespace’s Layered Features and Plans


  • price: $16 per month (billed annually) or $23 per month (billed monthly)
  • Best for: The Squarespace Personal plan is perfect for those interested in building their first website and don’t need the extra bells and whistles.

Pricing is $23/month for pay-as-you-go and $16/month for one-year advance. If you’re a freelancer or sole proprietor looking for a way to showcase your portfolio, share relevant content, or create a blog, this plan is perfect for you. Arguably the biggest downside of the Personal plan is the lack of e-commerce options. If your goal is to set up an online store, this is not the plan for you.


  • price: $23/month (paid yearly) or $33/month (paid monthly)
  • Best for: This plan is a great option for businesses that only offer basic online transactions and don’t plan to sell a lot.

Squarespace Business levels up from the Personal plan and offers e-commerce features like sales, donation acceptance, gift card functionality, discount codes, and more. The business price is $33/month or $23/month if paid annually for a 30% savings. Connecting a custom domain allows you to create business email addresses through Google Workspace. The annual membership fee is charged separately, but the first year is free, so you can try it.

There is a 3% fee on all transactions on the Business plan, so if your site grows to the point where this becomes an exorbitant cost, it may be time to upgrade to the Basic Commerce plan, where Squarespace doesn’t charge transaction fees.

basic commerce

  • price: $27/month (paid yearly) or $36/month (paid monthly)
  • Best for: This plan is for those who have achieved higher sales and have a booming e-commerce business.

In addition to access to advanced analytics, you also get point-of-sale (POS) capabilities for face-to-face sales and merchandising tools. For example, a customer can create an account and leave a review of the products they purchase.

Basic Commerce costs $36 per month, or $27 per month if billed annually. In particular, this plan stands out from the business level. This is because, in addition to eliminating all transaction fees, users cross-promote their inventory on Instagram and advertise their products with a “limited inventory” label.

advanced commerce

  • price: $49/month (paid yearly) or $65/month (paid monthly)
  • Best for: This plan is ideal for large ecommerce businesses that require advanced features to maximize their sales opportunities.

The Advanced Commerce plan takes advantage of everything offered in the Basic Commerce plan, sells advanced discount codes that are automatically applied to qualifying orders, weekly or monthly subscriptions, and real-time postal service Throw in additional features such as the ability to generate shipping estimates.If you integrate third-party software, you will need this plan to unlock access to the platform’s APIs.

Advanced Commerce is $65/month, or $49/month if you choose to pay annually. It’s also the only Squarespace plan that offers abandoned cart recovery. This is considered essential by many businesses to boost their e-commerce sales.

Which Squarespace plan should I choose?

The right plan option depends entirely on what you want to use your site for and what services you need. If you’re looking to build an online portfolio, start a blog, or occasionally sell products and services, either the Personal or Business plans are for you. If you have (or are looking to build) a robust online store and you plan to sell at a high volume, the Basic Commerce or Advanced Commerce plans are your best bet.


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