Stanford Women fend off Cal upset, win 60-56

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The Stanford women’s team played two slightly more competitive games this season into the fourth quarter.

The Unranked Cal finished third at Berkeley on Sunday. In this his 99th matchup between the two, Cold Shooting Stanford survived and won 60-56. Cardinals in second place can thank Cameron Brink.

“It was a total fistfight there,” Brink said. “I was just going through contact and the whole team did a good job of embracing the physical.”

He had a season-high 25 points and 17 rebounds on the brink and attempted a season-high 20 field goals in his sixth double-double of the season. Her final rebound came on Claudia Langarita’s missed jumper with 10 seconds left she would have tied the game.

Haley Jones led Stanford with a layup with 1:17 left. After a Peanut Twitele layup gave Cal a 56-53 lead, Cal’s offense fizzled out as the Bears failed to score in the final 4:08. Stanford he finished with a 7–0 run.

The Cardinals (16-1, 4-0 Pac 12-win) were eighth in the nation with 49.1% going into Sunday. That figure would drop after they shot a season-low 32.3% — 20 out of 62.

“We have good shooters,” said Stanford University head coach Tara Vanderbier. This is a great learning opportunity for our team.”

It was Stanford’s second consecutive bad shooting game, 24 of 62 (38.7%) in last Monday’s 73-57 win over No. 15 Arizona. free throw line.

Sunday was no different. At halftime, Stanford were his 8-10 and the Bears (10-5, 1-3) hadn’t scored his single try. Nevertheless, the game was tied at 26 thanks to Cal closing out the second quarter with his 7-0 run.

Brink had one of the worst shooting games against Arizona (3 of 15), hitting a 3 early in the second half to extend Stanford’s lead. She finished with her 9/20.

“We shot better in the second half,” said Vanderbier. “I may have missed some, but at least I got some good ones.

Evelien Lutje Scipholt would have given the Bears the lead by missing two free throws with 2:30 remaining. A Jones layup with 1:17 remaining left the Cardinals two behind and McIntosh’s attempt to tie failed.

Moments later, Brink missed a jumper as the shot clock expired and Curry stole the ball from the jump, giving the Bears the final possession with 25 seconds remaining. Langarita took off his jumper in midrange after Leilani his McIntosh (his 19 points, his season-high) drove into the hoop back onto the perimeter and Brink scored another rebound.


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