Street Fighter 6’s unique character select screen animation really shows how much heart goes into the game

02 sf6 character select animationst.webp


02 sf6 character select animations

Creating great character selection screens used to feel like a lost art in fighting games, but it looks like it’s been rediscovered in Street Fighter 6.

While a lot of new information is flying around in the SF6 preview, king je A collection of 18 character select screen animations.

Capcom included several different props/objects for the world’s warriors to interact with while choosing them.

For example, Juri sits and balances on big tires, and E. Honda uses stacks of them to practice hand slaps.

Guile is just leaning on a drum while Dee Jay is sitting on top of it and playing the drums.

There are also more fun things like Lily looking around the weird garage everyone is in, Dhalsim twisted into a ball, Blanka hanging from the ceiling, Cammy’s cat.

And JP just stands there… menacingly.

This doesn’t even take into account the unique animations that actually run when selected, nor the pre-battle intros. These are full of fighter personality.

It’s clear that the developers put a lot of love into the details within the game, and we can only hope that this reflects the full end product, Street Fighter 6.


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