Student Internship Series: Faith Garcia (CFA’23)


Faith Garcia (CFA’23) moved from Long Island, NY to Boston to study graphic design at BU. Three years later, when she becomes a graduate, Faith looks back on the time she spent at BU Her School of Visual Arts, where she learned the art of collaboration, adapted to new mediums and techniques, and made the final product alone. I enjoyed it without But a creative process.

Faith also learned about customer relations, branding, and web design through an internship at Bajibot, a New York City-based creative agency named New York City’s Best Digital Marketing Agency of 2022 by . The agency focuses on web3, campaign conception, branding and web design.

In CFA’s Student Internship Series, Faith talks about her role in the CFA and Internships, helps organizations like AT&T create campaigns, and expresses gratitude for being trusted and respected as an up-and-coming artist. .


With Face Garcia (CFA’23)

CFAs: What is your role in the internship? What are your responsibilities?

faith: My job title is a design assistant. In this role he is responsible for refining and creating social media posts and working with clients he creates websites (UI/UX), campaigns and logos.

CFAs: How did you hear about the internship? What steps have you taken to secure an internship?

faith: I found an internship at BU Handshake and applied. I only applied to newly posted opportunities to make sure my application was seen. As for the resume and application, we have tailored it specifically to fit what her Bajibot was looking for based on past experience.

CFAs: Are there any notable achievements from your internship?

faith: Through this internship, I helped create a campaign website for AT&T’s Dream in Black campaign, created web design proposals for Tattooed Chef, organized ideas for an Article Furniture campaign, and presented them to clients in real time. I was able to This position gave me varying amounts of creative freedom. I am very grateful to Bajibot for trusting me. Creating the designs and helping to create all these large projects was new to me in a professional environment, but still very rewarding.

This position gave me varying amounts of creative freedom. I am very grateful to Bajibot for trusting me. Creating the designs and helping to create all these large projects was new to me in a professional environment, but still very rewarding.

-Faith Garcia (CFA’23) BFA Graphic Design

CFAs: How do you think the internship helped prepare you for work beyond BU?

faith: This internship taught me what professional communication is like in a studio environment. It has taught me what it is like to work with tight deadlines and realistic hours for an agency. It helped me understand what to do.

Faith Garcia CFA Internship Bajibot Studio SVA

How did your coursework at CFA connect with your internship?

All the studio classes here at the BU School of Visual Arts have been really helpful in terms of collaboration and critique. My course taught me how to effectively turn feedback around. The range of different classes and projects allowed me to adapt quickly to new mediums and techniques and become a well-rounded designer. My class helped me appreciate the process highlighted in my internship.

CFAs: What have you learned about yourself?

faith: From this experience, I learned that it’s okay to say no on some occasions and that it’s important to set boundaries for yourself. It can be overwhelming at times, but I have learned how to better manage and optimize my time while still having some free time.

CFAs: Do you have any advice for current CFA students starting the internship process?

faith: Be open to unexpected opportunities and join an internship to help you learn and progress as a designer. Bajibot focuses on Augmented Reality and Branding, something I wanted to learn more about and was my clear internship goal.

CFAs: what’s next for you

faith: The next thing for me is to focus on my thesis! I’m not entirely sure what the future holds, but I’m really excited about the opportunities that come my way!

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