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But isn’t that how death often creeps into our lives?

It’s not unprecedented for a drama series to kill off a character as major as Logan at this point in its run, but most notably: six feet under Killed off Nate Fisher (Peter Krause) midway through the final season — that’s rare indeed. Inheritance I can capture the messy and dirty reality of the minutes and hours, especially after the death of someone who had very mixed feelings, as well as any TV episode I’ve ever seen.

Inheritance I have always taken death seriously. The show debuted in 2018, at the end of an era when many TV shows were chasing high ratings. the walking dead and game of thronesluxuriate in cheap deaths and increase the number of corpses to provide even greater impact and buzz. Inheritance Nothing more than treating death as a farce, like the season two episodes. In a season 2 episode, the funeral of a Sexpest/Waystar board member was largely an opportunity for the characters to claim they had nothing to do with the man, highlighting their complicity in many ways. increase. comic crime.

For the most part, though, the show treats death with proper gravitas. No matter how much money and power Logan Roy accumulates, he cannot take it out. The series opens with a scene that highlights how Logan’s aging body and mind have become frail, and in the first few episodes he goes through a serious health crisis and talks about what will happen after his death. (hence the show’s title.) His declining health continues to be a major theme throughout the show’s run. We’re having a conversation. Logan thinks there’s no such thing, which seems to motivate him to accumulate as much stuff as he can while he’s alive. In his final line on the show, he calls out to his men to “be a little more fucking aggressive.” business movement. Right before his death, he’s about to devour more.

This treatment of death as a constant shadow in the character’s life extends beyond Logan. Most memorable is a late episode of Season 3 when Kendall sticks his face into a pool as if he was about to drown. That’s it. In the next episode it is implied that he came very close to success before he was rescued. is subject to the “not a good guy” treatment, but the show is careful to take his suicidal moments seriously. .

All these considerations of death lay the groundwork for “Connor’s Wedding.”The episode is a typical feint Inheritance Installments for the first 15 minutes. Logan is absent from Connor’s (Alan Luck) wedding and asks his youngest son Roman (Kieran Culkin) to inform her CEO of Waystar that the festivities have just begun and that he will be fired. . It’s easy to imagine a version of the episode where corporate skulduggery takes place beneath the surface of a seemingly nice party, turning it into a dark farce. Add in the tragic core of not allowing them to connect with each other, even for the big celebrations, and the dynamics of the series will surely be incredibly entertaining. Both 3 finales more or less fit that description.

However, when Logan’s collapse is revealed, the episode takes on a completely different tone, not just from the first fifteen minutes, but from the show as a whole. Back to flowing things. There’s a long shot of one character trapped in grief going in search of someone to bring them bad news, and their reactions show how deeply affected they are. Culkin, for example, usually brings an air of sarcastic nonchalance to Roman, but in this episode, Roman becomes a frightened little boy, sitting cross-legged with the doctor so his father dies until the doctor says so. I argue that it does not. under myself.


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