Superintendent of Framingham School: Meet at bus stop on Friday

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Framingham – It will be very cold Friday morning as students wait for the bus to take them to school, but it is expected to be even colder as the bus takes them home.

The Boston/Norton National Weather Service issued a wind chill warning for FridayIt will be sunny on Friday, but it will drop to nearly minus 20 degrees on Friday. At night, it can get cold to minus 30 degrees and minus 40 degrees.

The district’s bus contractor, NRT, is short of nearly 20 drivers from its 77 contracted routes, while falling behind in picking up some students.

SOURCE asked Principal Bob Tremblay about Friday’s schedule with frigid temperatures and wind chill warnings in place, with students waiting outside in these extreme cold temperatures.

“We have asked our communications team to put together a reminder and the principal, but please dress warmly for the weather and be careful of the cold wind. That’s the best we can do.” Supt says. Tremblay said a late start didn’t seem like the best idea.

“My concern for the very reason pointed out in the postponed start calendar is that families are at risk of leaving the student unattended. Changing schedules, especially late starts, can be even more of an issue,” Tremblay said of many students in the district who take the bus while their parents are at work.

SOURCE asked Supt. If Tremblay thinks of a snow day (or a cold day), is it a school holiday?

“I don’t do snow days because it’s cold. I mean, it’s difficult. Nothing beats them. So I’m not saying I won’t do it at the moment, but as of today, Wednesday, I’m not thinking about it. “

I was asked if the NRT would prepare the bus as it was so cold that the bus would not start.

“On a cold day, I would come early to check on the bus service. We have 20 additional buses for the, so we might see results,” says Tremblay.

Superintendent of Framingham School: Meet at bus stop on Friday 9


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