Swifties mourn Joe and Taylor’s reported split at Cornelia Street tribute

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It makes sense why her fans flock to Cornelia Street instead of, say, her current New York apartment. Swift’s magic is that she’s pulled listeners into her life through her lyrics and has made her fans feel like friends over the years. She’s been doing this since the beginning of her career. When she sings that men are no good, people take it to heart and curse that person forever. Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal Know this well.

Swift mourns what she thought was the perfect relationship, as it is believed that she once sang only the positive aspects of her relationship with Alwyn.

Of course, Monday wasn’t the first time Swift set up camp on Cornelia Street, and it probably won’t be the last. Vulture In 2019, when people realized Swift moved there in 2016, it was a “street zoo” with fans and paparazzi.

Even after Swift moved out in 2017, home owner David Aldea told the publication that fans left bouquets and invitations on their doorsteps — and they still do today.

From hints about future albums to lyrics about ex-girlfriends, Swift is constantly sending fans secret messages. With these messages, it made sense that her fans would return to her old home and pay her ultra-social respect.


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