Swiss insurance group CSS with over 1.6 million customers launches CSS coin on Tezos Ecoo app

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Swiss insurance group CSS has more than 1.6 million customers in Switzerland and a turnover of over US$6.5 billion in 2020.

Since September, customers with CSS supplemental insurance can purchase CSS coins worth CHF 20, 50 or 100. (1 CHF Fr. is about 1.01 USD)

The price of the coin is half of the redemption value and is available to CSS policyholders at a 50% discount. (100 CHF Fr. coin can be purchased for 50 CHF Fr.)

Coins can be redeemed at companies that are part of the CSS Partner Network.

At the current stage, the partner network includes 23 organizations in the Lucerne region, such as Lucerne City Gymnastics Club, Friedri’s Markthalle, Allmend Indoor Pool and Balance Practice.

Other interested partners in Lucerne can apply through the CSS Coin website.

If the current phase is successful, Switzerland’s only national program will be launched.


The purpose of this program is to encourage people to move to a healthier lifestyle. As you know, insurance companies pay hospital bills, recertification programs, and health-related costs.

When people live healthier lives, they have less risk of disease, illness and injury. This means that, statistically, insurance companies don’t need as many health-related bills.

Offering clients a 50% discount on health-related products and activities is an investment in people’s health and reduces health-related risks for CSS customers. This benefits both the CSS and its clients.


The Ecoo application allows organizations to create conditional tokens on the Tezos blockchain that can be tailored to specific user needs.

This means that tokens can be made available to a limited group of people (e.g. only people with a specific healthcare policy) and then redeemable at a specific group of businesses.

In this way, different use cases can be addressed.

– Sightseeing: You can use “Tourism Coins” to pay at some shops, railways, and businesses.

– Events or festivals where visitors pay with coins and partners such as catering stands collect event currency via an app.

– Companies that want to provide their employees with meal vouchers not only for the cafeteria, but also for nearby bakeries and pop-up restaurants on the corner.

– Health insurance that gives the insured person “health points” that can be redeemed at a partner of their choice. This simplifies the organization of partnerships in the health sector, such as in the health promotion sector.

2 people are already using the Ecoo app Swiss cities distribute Covid relief funds.

Last week, XTZ News published an article about the ClimaCoin program, which aims to raise awareness in Switzerland about climate-related issues through a mobile game by Climapower, where you can earn ClimaCoin that can be redeemed at certain Swiss stores.

Ecoo also won three awards at the “Best of Swiss Apps Awards”.


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