Taylor Swift announces new song for midnight release

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“If This Was a Movie (Taylor’s Version)” will be the first re-recorded track from the 2010s. speak now. fans theorized or Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) It will be her next album.

“Safe & Sound” first released Joy Williams and John Paul White ended their professional partnership in 2014 as a collaboration with alternative folk duo The Civil Wars, members of Joy Williams and John Paul White. . The new version features Williams and White as solo artists.

Swift kicks off her 52-stop Eras tour on Friday night with a performance at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The tour, which will be the first since 2018, will be the first time fans will see the album’s tracks performed live. mistress, folklore, Evermoreand midnightall released in the years since she last went out.

Fans across the United States are thrilled, including Glendale Mayor Jerry Wires. swift city Friday and Saturday.

“And because the best people in life are free, all Swifts are encouraged to share a smile that could light up this entire town on all social media platforms.

Paramore and Gale are slated to open for Swift.

Swift releases tenth studio album midnight21 October 2022, and 3 am deluxe edition.

she released Red (Taylors version) 12 November 2021, and Fearless (Taylors Version) April 9, 2021.Fans have high hopes for the re-recorded version of the album Taylor Swift, speak now, 1989and reputation.

Swift’s official management team, TaylorNation, has another message for fans looking forward to the start of the tour.

“Huh are you counting? Us too. One more day. #CountdownToTSTheErasTour,” the account wrote on Thursday.


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