Telegram’s latest feature update improves user experience with shareable folders and custom wallpapers

Better Bots


Better Bots

Telegram Messenger recently introduced some new and innovative features with its latest update designed to enhance the user experience. These features include seamless sharing of chat folders via unique links, the option to set personalized wallpapers for individual chats, and web app integration within chats for added convenience.

Shareable chat folders

With this update, users can now share chat folders via a link, create folders with any name containing chats, bots, groups and channels and easily join multiple workgroups that can be shared It is now possible.using “Shareable Folder” feature. When creating the link, the user can choose which chats to include and give it a unique name, such as “”.intern student again “manager”.

Users now have the option to include public chats or chats with admin rights to add members when creating a shared chat folder via link. As you add chats to the folder and update the link, members receive suggestions to join new chats.

To create a folderOpen Settings > Chat Folder.

custom wallpaper

Can now be created by users using their favorite photo and color combination personalized wallpaper Add personality to a particular chat and make it stand out more.

Once the wallpaper is set, a unique message will be sent in chat allowing other users to add the same wallpaper to the end or create their own customized wallpaper.

Users can set custom wallpapers in 1:1 chats.To set a custom wallpaper, in your Android chat header[⋮]>[壁紙の設定]or on iOS, open your profile and tap[⋯]>[壁紙の変更]Tap.

better bot

With the ability to seamlessly host web apps, Telegram bots can provide services and utilities to millions of users. These web apps can now be launched directly within any chat. Users can access these web apps via direct links or by mentioning the bot’s username in any Telegram chat.

With the latest update, web apps launched in a group will Support collaboration and Multiplayer function For members. This opens up even more possibilities for Telegram’s third-party developers and merchants, and there are no fees for anyone to use these features.

Fragment Bot Links and Telegram Premium

This latest update enables Telegram Bots to host seamless web apps, bringing their services and utilities to millions of users. Additionally, users can purchase her Telegram Premium for themselves or gift it to others via Fragment.

Fast scrolling of attachments

in the attachment menu super fast scroll speed, similar to the shared media feature. Additionally, users can pull down the date bar to time travel.

topic real time

In a group with active topics and a small number of topics 100 peopleread receipts now show the time other members read the messages you sent.

Improved interface

Our latest update includes improvements to the ability to send when online, requiring fewer taps to use.user in chat[送信]You can now press and hold the button to see when your partner last saw you and activate the feature.Additionally, users can now create groups without adding members This allows you to set permissions and pin messages before inviting other members.

For users with the latest iPhones, the profile picture is new animation when scrolling profile and Information pageThe photos glide smoothly into the dynamic island, creating a more visually engaging experience.


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