The Left’s Endless War to Force Everyone to Approve of Their Lifestyle



T.The Supreme Court took the easy road when it first heard the dispute between baker Jack Phillips and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The judge sidestepped the fundamental question of whether the state can compel the voice of the civilian population, and instead challenged the commission’s actions, pointing to parochial statements directed at Christians by its members. I was.

Now the Commission is back and is persecuting Phillips again. That case proves that the left will go to great lengths to force everyone to celebrate lifestyle choices they disapprove of, regardless of moral objections.

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Phillips’ first trip to the Supreme Court began when a same-sex couple asked him to bake a cake for their wedding reception. As a Christian, he explained that he would not make a cake for same-sex marriage.

He made it clear that he does not discriminate against gay people, telling the couple: I just don’t make cakes for same-sex weddings. ”

Instead of finding another Denver bakery, the couple tried to force Phillips to bake a cake by filing a discrimination complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

The improperly-named commission, as the Supreme Court put it, played against Phillips after the commissioner showed “clear and unpardonable hostility to the sincere religious beliefs motivating his objections.” made a judgment. Do not handle his objections in a neutral way.

Now the committee is working on it again. A man who identifies as a woman wants Phillips to bake a cake to celebrate his “transition.” Phillips happily sells ready-made pink and blue cakes to customers, but doesn’t bake special cakes. This is the crux of the new lawsuit. The commission again ruled against Mr. Phillips, ruling that forcing him to bake a custom-made cake to celebrate his “sex change” did not infringe on his right to free speech.

The Left’s persecution of Phillips is not an isolated vindictiveness. Activists are also suing florists and web designers who do not celebrate same-sex marriage or gender reassignment. It’s a deliberate and programmatic effort. This is part of a culture-wide effort to force conformity among the dissenting public to the corrosive falsehoods being propagated by the tumultuous abomination cult of left-wing extremism.

The facts are always the same. Christian artists, florists, bakers, or web designers who are willing to serve anyone regardless of their sexuality or gender identity are subject to attack because of what they stand for. It is a principled refusal to say what they don’t believe, and a refusal to create artifacts that celebrate a lifestyle that Christians object to.

Colorado is just a state, not a god. What the Left and Commissioners are trying to do is lack the power to force anyone to celebrate other people’s choices.they demand positive.

Fortunately, America is still a free country, and the law is on the side of those who want to say what they want, and don’t want to be forced to do what others demand. What more people should show is the courage to stand up for their principles and stand up to bullies. We still have the First Amendment, the broader Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court to enforce them.

The court should finish the job it refused last time. Rather than allow Phillips and others to be persecuted by the Colorado Commission and others, the judge said that the faith of Christians and followers of other religions should be respected in this country and that no one It should be made clear that neither should be obliged to do so. To parrot beliefs they do not hold just because they have become fashionable.

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