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NEW YORK, APRIL 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — pitcheris the creator of the omnichannel end-to-end sales engagement platform for enterprise sales, today offering data and analytics visualizations, guided selling, interactive customer presentations, and mobile UX categories for Promotion Optimization Laboratory(POI) 2023 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods.

This report is designed to assess the “in-store component of the promotion cycle and all associated sales activity” and to help members improve their ability to monitor the execution of contracts with retailers. This includes managing trade promotions by enabling technology, improving the entire value chain, strengthening partner relationships and driving profitable growth.

2023 best-in-class stats for pitchers

In this year’s report, POI evaluated 13 vendors, with pitchers performing best in class for POI 2023 in the following categories:

Data and analytics visualization
Category Description: Provides visual insight and guidance in a unique and innovative way with instantly understandable graphics and dashboards.

Guided selling:
Category Description: Utilizes advanced mathematical and AI/ML algorithms to process vast amounts of data (POS, inventory, demographics, store census, shipping information, etc.) to identify trends and greatest growth opportunities Clarify and prioritize stores and activities. .

interactive customer presentation
Category Description: Use branching logic and interactivity to automatically decide what to display based on store state and previous input. Maximize your influence and ability to sell more at the point of decision making.

Mobile UX
Category Description: Meet the needs of field personnel to view, analyze, and take next best action in-store through a streamlined interface and workflow. Capabilities improve user adoption, efficiency, and engagement, ultimately enabling sales reps to be more effective.

POI also noted Pitcher’s strengths in its consultative sales approach, innovation in content presentation, and augmented reality capabilities.

In addition to consumer goods, Pitcher’s sales engagement platform has been deployed in the life sciences, manufacturing, and financial services industries. Pitcher enables sellers to understand their customers and work with them to deliver the most relevant content, insights, knowledge and training to each customer in the right context and cadence. Delivered to sellers via any device at the very moment of customer engagement. Enterprise customers around the world rely on Pitcher to improve seller productivity at every point of the customer interaction.

Pitcher CEO Mert Yentur said: “Our mission is to provide solutions that unify, simplify, and scale seller performance and effectiveness. These differences make us the only sales engagement platform enterprise teams need throughout the sales cycle. It underscores our commitment to deliver.”

Stakeholders can Register as a member of POI Access to the latest industry research and reports, free passes to POI Summit events, and more. To schedule a demo of Pitcher’s Sales Engagement Platform, contact Pitcher today.

About the pitcher

Pitcher is a sales engagement platform that unifies, simplifies, and amplifies seller performance. Pitcher improves seller effectiveness in every customer interaction. We coordinate the process of seller-to-customer interactions throughout the journey to purchase. Pitcher provides the most relevant content, sales tools, customer insights, and expertise in customer engagement moments and channels.

Pitcher is a key partner for inside sales, field sales and marketers around the world. Launched in 2011, Pitcher is deployed in over 140 countries with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Pitcher is headquartered in Zurich with offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia.



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