These African Net Sponges Really Help Smooth Skin

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I have had keratosis pilaris on my upper arms since birth and probably purchased all products It’s advertised to get rid of it. It contains multiple African net sponges, also known as African exfoliating nets. This is a long, stretchy, porous sponge that helps scrub and exfoliate your skin in the shower.

all my smooth skin Friends, keratosis pilaris (sometimes called KP) is a condition in which the skin produces too much keratin, blocking hair follicles and causing small bumps and dry, rough patches. , often found in the buttocks. It’s fairly common and technically harmless, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a hassle.

Over the years, doctors have suggested amlactin daily moisturizer and Cerave SA CreamAmlactin feels heavy and greasy and has a weird smell that discouraged me from using it long enough to notice a difference. There was no.

My quest to get rid of small bumps is so familiar to people in my life that they send me potential remedies they’ve seen — soft service buff bar and Calming Gel Exfoliant, First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Scrub (certainly works for some KP cases, but unfortunately not for mine), and most recently, African net sponges.

A friend sent me this TikTok @fixonrachel She raves that nothing else worked because of her keratosis pilaris,to this point! It’s a revelation! Her arms are smoother and her back acne is gone!I was also struggling to get rid of pimples on my chest and back so I sold more and the financial investment was minimal is.

A certain African net sponge that worked wonders for Rachel, omas cosmetics, but unfortunately it was sold out. We have hundreds of 5 star reviews. I was disappointed and decided to find another option.

According to Omas, their net sponge is an excellent exfoliant for cleansing and removing dead skin cells. . It’s also machine washable, lasts up to two years, and is long enough to reach every inch of your skin. It’s a lot to put up with.

My first fooled attempt was this Ayate Tenugui from public goods. The all-natural fabric is agave-derived and was under $5, so I ordered it right away without paying too much attention to detail. , my skin felt smoother, but it’s much smaller than I expected. Like, it’s big enough to use on my arms and other easy-to-reach areas However, it cannot be stretched to reach the middle of the back.

This exfoliating net is not as harsh or gritty as I feel. very I used it gently on areas of my face that needed dry skin removal and resurfacing. It cannot be said that the condition of acne on the body has changed significantly. Also, I’m not sure if the KP on the arm has improved, but it’s definitely softer and smoother than ever. Even though it’s winter, thanks to this net sponge and my skin, my skin has become more supple than usual. Curel moisturizer for moist skinI can’t stop putting my hands on my shoulders.

After a couple of uses the little threads started popping out so I was worried the whole thing would fall apart quickly. Decided to find an option.


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