Thirdera: Empathetic Digital Transformation



Key Point:

  • Thirdera prioritizes user experience to create valuable solutions
  • The company helps clients optimize their digital operations for better results
  • Thirdera combines ServiceNow platform expertise with other technologies


Thirdera is a digital transformation consulting firm founded to help ServiceNow lead the new era of digitalization. This new era builds on his introduction of SAAS to the IT assembly of the first era and focuses on the digitization journey of business, hence the name ‘Thirdera’. Thirdera combines ServiceNow’s platform expertise with other technologies to deliver business value to its customers. Third Terra’s people-based culture ensures that the customer’s business algorithm meets market expectations.

One of Thirdera’s main focuses is user experience. We believe that creating great experiences on our platform requires a deep understanding of our users’ pain points, pain points, and needs. By empathizing with our customers and asking questions to understand their challenges, Thirdera can create solutions that add real customer value. Its approach prioritizes user needs, delivers solutions that meet user expectations, and puts users in front of technology.

Thirdera aims to make the world a better place by providing customers with seamless digital experiences. The company’s focus on user experience and empathy allows it to deliver real value to customers, optimize digital operations, and improve overall business outcomes. Thirdera enables customers to enter the next era of the Service-Now ecosystem and harness the power of digital transformation to unlock new levels of growth and success.


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