This upcoming independent distro is all about UX and a robust experience

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Independent Linux distributions are interesting.

These are not the best options for someone new to the Linux world. However, each comes with its own product and some are known for their operating system customization, control, and various other aspects.

carbon OS One such upcoming independent distro that caught my attention ☝️

Before anyone starts – “Why do you need this distribution?” in the comments section. Always appreciate the time and effort developers put in. An “attempt” to create something new and valuable.

Do you have any suggestions already on your mind? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

carbonOS: Focus on Intuitive User Experience

carbon os screenshot

I want a distro that checks all the boxes.

Unfortunately, the complexity of the human brain helps us make everything tedious. that’s right!).

carbonOS is an open operating system built from the ground up featuring the GNOME desktop environment.

There is no “look” difference, but there are some technical highlights. The developer explains:

Since this is an atomic distribution, OS updates are always safe. The system layout ensures the integrity of system files. Unlike other atomic distros, carbonOS makes no attempt to preserve traditional package management functionality. carbonOS is Flatpak first for apps and container first for everything else. This allows carbonOS to achieve unique features such as verified/secure boot.

So it looks like this:

  • A UX-focused approach
  • Flatpak Fast
  • container first
  • atomic update (update can be undone)

Additionally, the developer said:

I want to realize the dream of a “GnomeBook”. It’s an OS that’s as maintenance-free as Chrome OS, yet as powerful as a real desktop OS, without sacrificing users’ ultimate freedom over their hardware.

A sophisticated distro that offers stability, security, and a great desktop experience is always a pleasure to hear. You can check the project on its official website or GitLab page.


Currently, only alpha builds of carbonOS are available for testing. This is not suitable for testing on production systems.

Let’s not forget that Vanilla OS is on the way as well. The only difference is that it has a stable release. carbonOS is a work in progress.

Some of its future plans include better NVIDIA support, ARM port, and other enhancements.

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The Vanilla OS stable release has arrived!

You’re ready to try Vanilla OS! Learn exciting things here.

vanilla os release

Do not fret. If you don’t like GNOME-based options, there are plenty of KDE-based distributions.

So what do you think of carbonOS? 💬

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