TikTok’s WAGs want to show what their lives are really like

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Athlete Love Live For example, the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio was big news in the 1950s. Then, and for a long time afterward, our interest was usually in pairings like this where established celebrities shacked up with sports icons and their combined star power made it impossible to look away. was concentrating on

then came 2006 World Cup, brought Team England to the quiet spa town of Baden-Baden, Germany.It was one year after their debut TMZat a time of surging America’s toxic preconceptions of party girls like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, media companies were beginning to realize what celebrity gossip could do online. The news cycle has women eager to turn their faces in the same way to hate, and we’ve found women among the wives and girlfriends of England players to be readymade.

Among them are several established tabloid fixtures, most notably Victoria Beckham (married to David, of course) and pop star Cheryl Tweedy (then Team England left-back Ashley was engaged to Cole).But the group also included a number of otherwise not-so-famous women. courtship headline A media circus mastermind who goes shopping, dances at the table, and continues until his partner is kicked out of the tournament in the first round of the knockout stage.

this was the way the rest of the world did met WAGonce an acronym Circulation in the British press for several years at that point. Literally, WAG is simply the athlete’s wife or girlfriend.But her WAG, seen in Baden-Baden, has become entrenched in the public consciousness and type A woman who lives a particular type of life. Her Prototype WAG is young, white, thin, beautiful, as possible, blondeShe is also shallow, capricious, and status-obsessed. She lives to drink pink wine, go to parties and spend her husband’s money.

“Don’t call me WAG,” says Tweedy, especially from his wife herself. Said Make it clear that you don’t need a rich husband to take care of her.

It didn’t matter. Terminology and its associations got bogged down. By 2010, The New York Times I got it The New Jersey Nets “may be second in the league in scoring and halfway in rebounding, but they can compete with the best in WAG.” (One of their forwards, Kris Humphries, said: was dating Kim Kardashian at the time.) In 2015, E!debuted a reality show called WAGs LAwill be the first of the Housewife-style franchises to eventually include Miami and Atlanta likewise.Then in 2019 wagatha christie Scandal: Soccer WAG’s Colleen Rooney claims WAG associate Rebekah Vardy leaked details about her to tabloids…and she had a private Instagram post to prove it. The story was juicy and fun, but it didn’t do much to dispel the idea that WAG’s life is basically for petty, catty women.

Throughout, the WAGs that got the most attention were almost always either famous themselves or affiliated with very well-known players. If I could name his WAG in America, it would probably be: asha curry Or Brittany Mahomes — the woman whose husband orchestrates multi-million dollar contracts and endorsement deals.

But every NBA roster has 15 players. The NHL has 23, the MLB has 40, and the NFL has 53. And most of these players are nowhere near name brand players. Between $700,000 and $1 million, depending on the sport. But that’s only if they can stay on the roster all year long. Players don’t have guaranteed contracts, so their salaries will plummet from $700,000 to $57,200 if they’re demoted to the minors during the 2022 season.

Granted, this is still not poverty wages. But for these athletes, the uncertainty about money is exacerbated by other kinds of uncertainty, mostly about where they live, possible injuries, and bodies that are constantly aging. , are subject to the same pressures, including fluctuations in income, drastic changes in living conditions, and uncertainty about the future. But she puts up with them to serve someone else’s dream. becomes particularly difficult.

this It’s the life of the majority of professional athletes and their wives. There are way more Allison Kucharczyk than Ayesha Curries. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of the most compelling social media content comes from women in these situations. Her husband lives the dream, but is somewhat precarious, and as a result her life is ambitious and approachable.


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