Top Branding Agencies in December, According to DesignRush

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Top Branding Agency According to DesignRush

The world’s 100 most valuable brands will be worth $8.7 trillion by 2022

According to Statista, the world’s 100 most valuable brands will rise in value by more than 22% to reach a record $8.7 trillion in 2022. Apple is still the world’s most valuable brand, worth his $355.1 billion. This highlights the value of investing in quality branding to outperform the competition.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses and agencies, has compiled a list of the best branding agencies that can help you improve your company’s image and achieve your branding goals.

Here are the top branding agencies for December:

1. Grow –

Expertise: brand strategy, brand management, visual identity, etc.

2. BrandingLab –

Expertise: Content Marketing, Brand Strategy, Web Design, etc.

3. Leo’s Digital Marketing –

Expertise: digital marketing, branding, SEO, etc.

4. Zeev Media –

Expertise: branding, visual identity, web design, etc.

5. ByteSizeMe –

Expertise: social media management, digital marketing, web design, etc.

6. JD Designs –

Areas of Expertise: Branding, Illustration, Merchandise Design, etc.

7. iFreshly Digital –

Expertise: Fractional CMO, Social Media Marketing, SEO, etc.

8. Brand You Creative Agency –

Areas of Expertise: Digital Strategy, Branding, PPC, etc.

9. Assistant Media Group –

Expertise: branding, web design, media buying and relationships, etc.

10. 829 Design –

Expertise: Web Design, Print Design, Branding & Identity, etc.

11. Blackhouse Creative –

Expertise: product development, branding, web design, etc.

12. 31st Line Strategic Communications –

Expertise: public relations, digital marketing, brand development, etc.

13. Strategy Interactive –

Expertise: SEO, content marketing, web development, etc.

14. Kivi –

Expertise: brand identity, sales enablement content, pitch deck design, and more

15. BrandIt360 –

Expertise: graphic design, marketing strategy, brand identity, etc.

16. Jane AF –

Expertise: web design, branding, marketing strategy, etc.

17. Propr –

Expertise: brand strategy, brand design, brand marketing, etc.

18. Orange

Expertise: brand development, brand audits, naming, etc.

19. Horizon –

Expertise: retail marketing, branding, digital experience, etc.


Expertise: integrated marketing, branded environments, graphic design, etc.

21. WHR Marketing –

Expertise: branding, content marketing, SEO, etc.

22. Beemore Design –

Areas of specialization: logo design, branding consulting, brand strategy, etc.

23. Blue Pixel –

Expertise: brand identity, messaging strategy, UI/UX design, etc.

24. Go To Guy –

Expertise: online reputation management, brand strategy, brand identity, etc.

25. Pixel Productions –

Expertise: SEO, brand building, content marketing, etc.

26. Megan Killion Consulting –

Expertise: brand kits, lead generation, fractional CMOs, and more

27. Envision Studio –

Expertise: digital marketing, branding, advertising, etc.

28. Titan – Empire Agency –

Areas of expertise: branding, logo design, web design, etc.

29. Regular Animal –

Areas of Expertise: Content Strategy, Graphic Design, Brand Strategy, etc.

30. Creative Stripes –

Expertise: Logo & Branding Design, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, etc.

Brands can find top branding agencies by location, size, average hourly wage, and DesignRush portfolio.

About Design Rush: is a B2B marketplace that connects businesses and agencies through expert reviews, agency ranking lists, awards, knowledge resources, and personalized agency recommendations for curated projects.


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