Top Programming Language Trends for 2023

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Python will continue to dominate, PHP will continue to decline in popularity, and interest in Java may decline at least slightly.

In a nutshell, it summarizes some of the major programming language trends that are likely to roll out in 2023.

Learn more about what to expect in the world of programming languages ​​in the year ahead. Today’s IT Professional Prediction of major programming language trends for 2023.

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Python continues to be popular

Perhaps the least surprising programming language trend to expect in 2023, but notable is the continued popularity of Python, a general-purpose programming language that has recently become the world’s most popular language. That’s it.

As I have long argued, I’m not sure Python deserves that top spotI think Python is too slow, has too rigid a syntax, and is not a proven language for really large projects.

But Python’s persistent popularity suggests that I’m in the minority here. Clearly, most programmers love Python and there are no signs that that trend will change in his 2023.

PHP keeps slipping

Another programming language trend unlikely to die in 2023 is: Decline of PHPThe languages ​​that played a fundamental role in building the modern interactive web are no longer as popular as they once were.

This does not mean that PHP will go away completely. Don’t expect a platform like WordPress to switch to a new language anytime soon. But expect fewer and fewer new projects using PHP.

Java’s popularity never regained

Similarly, Java, the language that was also central to the emergence of today’s software industry, seems increasingly past its prime.

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Java has slipped from the top spot TIOBE index — a position held for nearly two decades — several years ago. As of 2023, there are all signs that the slip is not temporary. Java will likely continue to be widely adopted next year, but it is unlikely that it will return to its former status as one of the most popular languages. On the contrary, Java’s popularity will continue to decline over the next year and beyond.

Rust remains hot

Statistically speaking, Rust, an open-source language, Focus on security and efficiency, ranked 20th in the TIOBE index and is relatively unpopular. However, Rust has a strong following of dedicated acolytes. The “most loved” programming language Not the most commonly used according to Stack Overflow.

We expect this trend to continue in 2023, not only because of Rust’s strong community, but also because of Rust’s obvious appeal in a world rife with cybersecurity challenges. Using Rust doesn’t guarantee protection against attacks, but he is one step developers can take to make their software more secure.

Assembly language grows in popularity

A programming language trend that has gotten less attention in the TIOBE Index in recent years is the slow but steady increase in popularity of assembly language.

Assembly language first (a general category that may include multiple specific languages) Entered the Top 10 list of the most popular languages It is currently in 9th place, down slightly from last year, but still ahead of languages ​​like PHP, Go, and Swift.

Why are so many programmers working with assembly code? We can’t say for sure, but we suspect the need for high performance is one factor. The popularity of assembly language may also reflect the increasing adoption of specialized hardware such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Developers may need to write assembly code to access functionality not supported by higher-level languages ​​on these devices.

everyone loves C

The final programming language trend to watch in 2023 is the persistent popularity of C.

C is not as popular as Python, but it’s close.And given that C is out now over half a century — which makes it almost twice as old as languages ​​such as Python and Java — C stands out as a proven and robust language that will likely remain central to software development for decades to come. If you have to pick just one language that is most important to learn in the long run, C is the way to go.


These are the top trends in programming languages ​​that are expected to evolve over the next year.

Admittedly, we don’t expect dramatic changes in the world of software development in 2023. In most cases, at least in the last few years, we will see a similar trend. But some of these trends, like the decline of PHP and the unexpected popularity of assembly code, were a little less predictable to come, so it’s worth keeping track of them throughout the year ahead.

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