Twitter circle broken, private nudity exposed

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Riesman didn’t panic, but she didn’t want to push her “spicy” photos on people. “It was like, ‘Oh my God, are you pushing your naked body in front of a lot of people?'” she said. “I’ve curated my circle for people I don’t think I care, but the public doesn’t have to see me in my birthday suit.”

Melissa Ingle, who was Twitter’s senior data scientist until CEO Elon Musk initiated furloughs in November 2022, called all of these “major breaches of confidentiality.” “Your circle is a group of trusted friends, and looking at posts outside of that group shows that the algorithm lacks basic functionality,” Ingle said.

For Riesman, the idea that the function failed is not at all surprising. “I gave up the idea long ago that everything I post online would forever remain a secret,” she said. and it didn’t surprise me, Riesmann told her Tweet Of the incident, “it was a public service announcement for people who really depended on Twitter circles being semi-private spaces, or at least controlled public spaces.” I said I have a lot of transgender friends who post on.

How the circle problem arises and how it is fixed is a good question. An email to Twitter’s press department email asking why the breach of privacy took place included, as a now-traditional automated response, poop emoji.

Unfortunately, circle failures are part of the online way of life, according to Ellen Walker, who studies internet storytelling and narrative-curated digital culture at the Royal College of Art, London. “As soon as a closed digital space can be curated, it can be taken away in an instant, either by improved technology, by greater audience participation, or, in the case of innovation in Twitter circles, by the egregious failure of moderation forces. ,” she said.

It has a big impact. “It would be one thing if this feature was removed and Twitter notified users, but to happen unexpectedly without notice feels like a betrayal,” he said. “Unfortunately, under Elon Musk, this sort of thing is becoming more likely due to the severe layoffs and lack of expertise he spearheaded.” (Musk said in 2022 Since taking office in October 2018, he has laid off or laid off more than half of the company’s total workforce.)

Moussa also criticizes Musk’s leadership. “The constant tinkering with what they wanted from the For You algorithm seems to have resulted in an incredibly messed up,” he said. “This sort of thing portends a bigger security problem across the board. If you keep a locked account, are there any guarantees that it will stay locked? It’s a violation. Trust is gone. This shit Never again can anyone really be sure that they won’t be completely blown away in their faces.”

As for Riesman, she was more optimistic. “I think part of us is just hoping for this now,” she said. [on Twitter] Please know that the place is falling apart.


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