Updated Mida C3 brings new integrations and a smoother UX

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Mida Solutions has announced Cloud Contact Center, the new version of Mida C3. It features new integrations, stronger security, and new intuitive tabs for chat and email management. UC Today’s George Malim recently caught up Attilio Licciardello, Founder and General Manager of Mida Solutions More information on the upgraded solution can be found here.

George Malim: What’s new in the latest release of Mida Contact Center?

Attilio Licciardello: The biggest addition to the Mida C3 is the integration with WhatsApp and email applications, enabling our customer service team to provide the highest quality support across various channels. With enhanced functionality, agents now have a single, simple user interface to respond to requests from different channels such as chat, email, and calls.

Mida C3 focuses on making it easier to use, while adding a higher level of security than ever before and enhancing user authentication.

GM: How do these features help agents deliver multi-channel customer service?

AL: We’ve also added a higher degree of automation via automatic welcome messages that can be enabled to streamline the chat handling process. Conversation management is intuitive so agents can focus their attention on requests and not spend time managing interactions or recovering messages. Our delivery algorithm routes messages to agents logged into queues and notifies them about new incoming conversations where agents can easily choose to accept or decline processing depending on their status.

Messages are recorded so agents have the entire conversation available in their own tab. Employees will quickly become accustomed to this feature as it provides a user experience similar to Mida’s other applications.

GM: What does the new version look like for users?

AL: The new Professional tab is designed to make your interaction handling process easier. We used experience and user feedback to organize the activities into three main areas on the screen. You’ll see your conversation list on the left, and you can quickly see how many unread messages you have. In the center, agents can read the entire selected conversation and respond directly to the latest interactions. Finally, a settings menu in the upper-right corner of the interface lets you customize options like your preferred shortcuts and the ability to log in and out of your assigned queues and the system itself.

Our goal is to make it easier for agents to support their customers. By enabling simplification, operators can focus on processing incoming queries instead of spending time on how to effectively manage queues and responses.

GM: Security is always important, what user authentication enhancements have been made in the latest version?

AL: You’re right, security remains a priority. Especially when sensitive customer data is involved. Contact centers focus on customer data that is used on a daily basis to address customer interactions. User authentication is therefore an important aspect of secure contact operations. The LDAPS protocol and Zoom’s OAuth standard add enhanced authentication security to this latest version of his Mida C3.


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