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Published April 10, 2023

Wilmington, Delaware – User Evaluation has announced a new AI tool for UX researchers. This tool is set to change the way customer surveys are conducted. This new tool can automatically analyze text, audio, and video files from customer conversations, providing valuable insights for UX researchers, product managers, and designers. It’s like having your own ChatGPT for your customer conversations, but with even more intelligence and functionality.

User Evaluation’s new AI tools help UX researchers save time and resources by automatically gaining insights from video, audio, or text files. AI tools analyze data to identify patterns, sentiments, and topics that customers discuss. The tool provides detailed transcripts of conversations, highlights key phrases and words used, and visualizes the customer journey.

User Evaluation co-founder Tash Ahmed said: “We know he understands the challenges faced by UX researchers, product managers, and designers when conducting customer research, and our new AI tools will help make the process more efficient and effective. is designed to.”

AI tools for UX researchers can also identify customer preferences and needs, allowing researchers to make more informed decisions when designing products and services. The tool provides real-time data on customer behavior, allowing researchers to respond quickly to changing trends and issues.

“Our AI tools for UX researchers are an invaluable resource for those looking to better understand their customers,” says Ahmed. “By harnessing the power of AI, researchers can gain insights into customer behavior that cannot be obtained manually. Thanks to its advanced algorithms, user ratings can recognize patterns in customer feedback and and needs can be identified.

A new AI tool for UX researchers from User Evaluation is now available. For more information on this innovative new product, please visit

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About user ratings

User Evaluation is a custom research company providing services for UX researchers, product managers and designers. The company leverages the power of his AI to provide valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences and needs. User evaluation services include user testing, focus groups, surveys, and usability studies. With a team of experienced researchers and developers, User Evaluation is committed to helping companies create great user experiences.

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