Vega Moon Technologies Wins Best Web Design & Development Company Award

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India, 30 January 2023: Vega Moon Technologies, a web development company based in New Delhi, India, won the 2023 Best Web Design and Development Company award for its notable achievements in the IT industry. Hosted by Business Connect Magazine, the awards ceremony honored companies that have made significant contributions to the world of entrepreneurship and inspired other entrepreneurs to achieve better economic development.

To celebrate the growing Indian industry, Indian actress and singer Ms. Padmini Korapule attended the ceremony, along with Mr. Chandra Bhushan and Mr. Abhijeet Pratap, two co-founders of Vega Moon Technologies. confirmed this realization.

After receiving the award, Best web design company co-founders Chandra Bhushan and Abhijeet Pratap jointly said: We incorporate industry best practices into our web design and development activities to ensure our position as a highly respected and trusted web design services company in the global marketplace.The best looking websites at affordable prices. ”

In particular, Vega Moon Technologies currently has customers in over 52 countries and specializes in over a dozen industry niches. This Google partner company of his handles over 200 ad accounts and boasts over 3000 projects and numbers. At just seven years old, Vega Moon Technologies is fairly young in its history and has achieved more in a short period of time than most of its contemporaries.

Vega Moon Technologies’ journey stands out due to the fierce competition in the web design industry, where many entities are large corporations. From a young company to an established business with a globally recognized brand. After completing his seven-plus-year journey with his fair share of ups and downs, Vega Moon Technologies is determined to make a name for itself as one of the largest web enterprises in the world. Since its inception, this passion for creating and designing eye-catching portals has resulted in milestones the company has been chasing for years.

This award is solid proof of the company’s enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit in the volatile industry of web design and development. Vega Moon Technologies has been successful in its niche market for the past 7+ years.

Reflecting the courage and enthusiasm of Vega Moon Technologies, a premier web development company, working on over 90 technologies at the same time, Vega Moon Technologies has become a leading name in the web technology field over time. The company relies on a consumer-centric approach to building aesthetically pleasing websites that fit every potential buyer’s bill when it comes to their specific needs and preferences.

When asked about the company’s vision for the next few years, the co-founders said they would continue to grow with quality, commitment, and customer-centricity towards their goal of becoming a more global company capable of serving the world. said. specific country. They plan to expand nationally and internationally to cater to the global market and bring in new talent for the organization.

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