Veteran Brand Marketing and Web Design Expert Joins EWG Leadership Team



WASHINGTON – Jabari Williams, who has spent nearly two decades helping businesses, government agencies and nonprofits improve their brands, website design and user experience, joins the Environmental Working Group as new vice president of digital marketing and innovation. I participated.

Williams will lead EWG’s creative and digital storytelling teams, focused on transforming EWG’s digital properties to best serve the 30 million visitors who rely on online guides and other resources to stay healthy will do so.

Maura Walsh, EWG’s Vice President of Digital Strategy, said: His impressive career of helping organizations build and enhance their online presence through design and improved user experience marks 30 years of providing resources to help consumers live healthier lives. Exactly what EWG needs. ”

“I’m excited about the opportunities we face,” Williams said. “EWG sends a clear message that we are committed to continuous evaluation and improvement of our digital properties.

“I want to help align EWG’s mission with the rapidly evolving technological landscape so we can stay connected to our supporters and millions of consumers. It is my hope and intention to stay at the forefront of the advocacy and healthy living information that is so important to us.”

Prior to joining EWG, Williams was a managing director at: Echo & Cois a digital design and development company that works with clients to “promote the social and environmental well-being of people and communities around the world.”

Williams knows EWG well. As a consultant, in 2019 he led a major redesign of the organization’s website while he was Senior Director of User Experience at U Group. Prior to that, he worked on SkinDeep®, Tap Water Database, Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™, and several others. took the lead.

Williams received a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University in 2001 and a degree in graphic and web design from Boston University in 2010.


The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that empowers people to live healthier lives in healthier environments. EWG advances consumer choice and civic engagement through research, advocacy, and proprietary educational tools.


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