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Virtual Enterprise travels to Fort Lauderdale for regional trade shows, business plan competitions, and finance competitions.

The facilitator of this student-led business class, Mrs. Jami Ayler, guides these students in setting up their companies.

“[The students] We compete with other VE companies across the country in web design, branding, video commercials, social media, finance, QuickBooks, sales and marketing, business plans, and more,” says Aylor. “Part of the process is creating their own company.

“This is a course that brings students as close to the real business experience as they can get in high school.”

This class provides students with opportunities to perform leadership roles and prepare them for the real world. The Bearden VE Program is not only the only company in Knox County, but it opens a new company each year.

Each year, students enter the school year with no foundation for the coming year. This year’s Scraps Clothing Co. focuses on “creating a better future one scrap at a time” by reusing used fabrics to create new t-shirts.

Going to Fort Lauderdale is an important step in helping the company establish itself at the national level. Over the past few years, the regional convention has been held in Pigeon Forge, so Bearden students are expected to attend the convention this year. I didn’t have to go out. The company’s chief administrative officer, Madison Newman, played a leading role in planning the trip.

Her job was to organize the logistics of the trip, including transportation details, hotel room reservations, and meals. She also planned this trip so that her students could go to the beach and urban air in their free time.

“I had to buy airline tickets and book hotels for 16 people,” she said. “[I] Create all permits and itineraries, [have] This is a list of restaurant reservations and bus stops we are going to go to. ”

This trip to Fort Lauderdale will help prepare students for the national convention in New York City later this year. This opportunity provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable experience that will improve their public speaking and presentation skills. A panel of judges and industry experts provide feedback to students in both the business plan and finance competitions. All the work these students have been working on this year leads to this presentation.

Chief Design Officer Kenna Venard said: “All year round [we] We look forward to these exhibitions and the final competition.

“I think that gives us a better view of how we are set up. , you can get a general idea.Clear communication and hands-on presentations will help us in New York.”


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