Washington Post Journalist Taylor Lorenz Banned From Twitter – Deadline

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Controversial Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz said she was suspended from Twitter by order of owner Elon Musk.

Lorenz claimed in a Substack post, adding that she never violated Twitter’s terms of service and has not.

On Substack, Lorenz claimed that his account had only three tweets at the time of his suspension. One of them was a tweet sent to Musk.

Lorenz said she and colleague Drew Harwell (who was also banned by Musk earlier in the week) were “working on a story involving Musk and [a] comment from him

“I logged in to see if he answered our questions and was suspended,” Lorenz said in a Substack post. “The company never contacted me as to why I was suspended or what conditions I violated.”

“I have been on Twitter since 2010 and run Twitter accounts for major media brands such as Verizon, WordPress, The Daily Mail, People magazine and The Hill,” she added. “During her 13-year career in social media, she has not once violated the Terms of Service or the community’s guidelines for her personal account or an account she operates. there is no.”

She went on to say that the ban on journalists should worry “those who respect freedom of speech and expression”.

Earlier this week, Musk fired several journalists from The Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times and other publications. He claimed they were “docking” him by sharing his real-time location, which he called “assassination coordinates.”

He initially said the affected journalists would remain suspended from the platform for seven days. was shown.

Lorenz is critical of Musk’s decision to publish a so-called “Twitter file,” which includes an arbitrary ban on conservatives and government pressure on social media outlets to suppress unfavorable comments about the administration. is detailed.

In other Twitter news, the service has decided to stop promoting other social media sites on its service.


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