Wearable Devices Opens Pop-up User Experience Booth for Wearable AI Consumer Products

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Wearable Devices Co., Ltd. (“Wearable Devices” or “we”), a technology growth company that develops AI-powered touchless sensing wearables, today allows users to operate digital devices with touchless subtle finger movements and hand gestures.

The booth, located at Kiryon Mall in northern Israel, is expected to accelerate the beta testing phase by allowing a wide variety of users to experience Mudra Band first-hand. Visitors can interact with their iPhone without touching the screen, play games on their iPad with new controls, touchless control their Mac computer without a computer mouse, and watch movies and series. You can try mudra bands by performing digital interactions such as doing and doing. On Apple TV without remote control. Visitors can also experience his Mudra Air-Touch feature, which enables switching and switching between connected devices across the Apple product ecosystem with seamless transitions of control.

“We are excited to open a new pop-up booth to showcase our innovative B2C product, the Mudra Band for Apple Watch. The purpose of this booth is to allow people to interact with our devices live. Accelerating the beta testing and product maturity process by gathering valuable feedback from a wide range of users.” Asher Dahan, CEO and co-founder of Wearable Devices, said: “This booth will enable us to offer great products that enhance the user experience as we continue to develop the wearable AI platform that we believe will set the input standard for the Metaverse.”



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