Web Designers Share Motivation at Black History Month

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Corpus Christi, TX — Ty West starts and ends the day with two white fluff…Blossom and Bailey, a poodle mix. “I have them coming home and they’re always here to cuddle and show their love. They help distract me, yes they do.
The eldest, at 6, Blossom is the most protective of this kiss-faced duo and is also the inspiration behind the name of the online business IBloomWeb, which operates from a second-floor guest room at The West. .

she said: And I was like, ‘Yeah, I can,’ so maybe I can turn this into a business. ”
A 35-year-old Corpus Christi native, West has put his hard work and effort during the pandemic into a serious business, ensuring that his 20+ clients have a top-notch web interface to help them sell and market their products. Did.

“I get so excited when I hear what their business is and think about them. Send me a text, email or anything and I’ll be there and can make changes. ”

Graduates of this Island University can face uphill battles in the business world, especially online. “Of course there are stereotypes. People expect you to speak a certain way or handle business a certain way. To do so, we need to break down those barriers and stereotypes, which is sometimes difficult, but never impossible.”

Ultimately, West’s motivation is his recently deceased father. “My father has always been a very hard worker and he used to work on air conditioners in addition to his full-time job. But he always instilled in you to work hard and you have to work for it.

“You definitely have to have faith. Hope has to be there. And every day is an inspiration.”

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