Weekly Survey: How Fast Should You Fast Charge?




One thing manufacturers should introduce into their latest smartphones, like my Zenfone 9, is adjustable power output.
Therefore, the user can decide for himself how many watts are used each time the battery is charged. At a minimum, it offers options such as normal charging at 10 watts, fast charging at 30 watts, or super fast charging at 67 watts.


Charging anxiety should be a thing of the past. That’s why I’m hesitant to get a Samsung or Google Pixel phone. Waiting an hour or two to charge your phone is ridiculous 🔋🔌


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Rogue, 10 minutes agoOf course, people will choose 15-30 minutes.It’s usually people with budget phones who always guarantee the fastest charging. Either way, they know the phone will last his two years.


Glad to see GSM Arena voting properly. Plus, it’s good to see the makers and reviewers exposing what they think people care about.


Who cares about rapid change unless it’s a Samsung and graphene battery with a charging speed of 300 watts 🤩🤩


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Fast charging kills the battery, so

It also depends on the price of the mobile phone. Buy a budget phone (under $200) and use fast charging if it comes with it. The usable life of such mobile phones is usually less than 2 years, which is the same as the life of fast charging batteries.

But if I buy a flagship, I want to make sure the battery doesn’t degrade significantly during use (about 4 years).

We intend to adopt fast charging for affordable phones and slow charging for flagship products.


Of course people will choose 15 to 30 minutes
Those people want to ruin their batteries, complaining why their phones die so quickly.

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Fast charging here, fast charging there but I wonder why improvements in battery technology such as batteries that can hold as many mah as 6000 mAh in the physical size of a 5000 mAh battery Have you ever wondered….or the seldom seen battery cycle degradation up to 3 years or something new in battery technology itself?


Ulefone Power Armor 19, Ulefone Power Armor 18T, .Ulefone Power Armor 18, Doogee S89 Pro. The Doogee V11, some Oukitel phones, and some other phones and brands offer 67W+ fast charging and 7000+ batteries.
The OnePlus 11, most Nubia Red Magic phones, the Xiaomi 12 note pro, and some others offer 100+W charging speeds and 5000 mAh batteries.
I’m happy with the phone you said.
Because there are no flagship grade devices with micro USB connector charging speed up to 10-20W and up to 1A or 2A. Just like Apple, Sony, Samsung and Google.
Phones that require more than 30 minutes of charging to fill the battery are considered mid-range regardless of other specs, especially if there is no charging brick in the box.


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Faster, faster, just the right evolution of things and times.


40-60 minutes wired, no wireless


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I’m not the only one who isn’t interested in wireless charging.


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Wait until quad parallel charging or 5 parallel charging of 5000mah = 5 1000mah small batteries 🤣


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I’m not sure how it works, but it’s certainly nice to have, but phone makers aren’t giving up potential battery life just because they want to create portable steam irons.


charging speed? Didn’t really care…


As fast as possible while keeping the temperature below the permissible temperature.


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