What Life Was Like at 4am – State Rep. Chris Rosario Calls for Extended Hours of Alcohol Sales in Bars – Bridgeport® Only



Rep. Chris Rosario. Vice-Chairman, would you like some bourbon for your ribs?

The legislative process is flooded with liquor stores, led by the duality of grocery stores and liquor stores.

Grocery stores limited to selling select beers want to buy wine for consumers. The liquor store insists it won’t ruin our grape exclusivity.

Bridgeport MP Chris Rosario has his own take on it in bill form. A pilot program in Bridgeport and eight other municipalities extends alcohol sales in bars until 4 a.m., matching neighboring New York and Massachusetts.

Governor Ned Lamont and House Speaker Matt Ritter, both staying home before 11 p.m., don’t support the idea, citing the surge in accidents and increased burden on law enforcement. Rosario counters with the same problem at 1:00 am and 2:00 am (connecticut closing times vary by day).

Rosario adds that restaurants and bars are stuck in a loop due to the health pandemic. Additionally, some Connecticut residents tip tequila across the state line before sunrise.

Rosario told Christopher Keating of the Hartford Courant:

“If local governments, local mayors, and city councils decide to allow a later closure in their jurisdiction, they must allow it. Our tribal casinos, hotels, convention centers, ballparks, and stadiums Like the city centers near the… Let’s create an entertainment zone in Connecticut where the industry can thrive.”

Sol’s cafe circa 1980 and lots of scribes. It’s me sitting on the far left, smiling burnout.

More than 40 years ago, working the night shift at Telegram, the predecessor of the Connecticut Post, we drove a few blocks across downtown midnight darkness to Sol’s Cafe on Fairfield Avenue. There could be a few or dozens of us each night.

The first shift I worked was from 6pm to 2am, then a shift from 4am to midnight. Working as journalists, we scammed quite successfully with Solomon Roth, the affable owner of Sol’s Cafe. On a weeknight the bar was supposed to be closed, but he kept the joint open for us cash paying liquor offenders.

The cops didn’t bother us. And if they do, who’s going to write about it? Eighteen years ago, I had a full-time newsroom job. Sol’s has become my favorite place to hang out, especially during work hours. The best tips and stories abound in Sol’s bar. All I had to do was listen.

At the time, industry giants such as Carpenter Steel were still humming. Every Thursday night, Sol made an arrangement with the steelworkers. They came to the bar with a paycheck, they signed it and he cashed it. In exchange, he keeps the changes reflected in the check. Sol had tens of thousands of dollars in his pocket Thursday night. Many stayed and drank heartily. He packed a revolver just in case.

We drank, ate, laughed, and even barbed each other after a few hours. Journalists love petty pain. I left when I wanted. It might be 4:00 am.

Drunk driving laws? not to worry.

My mother, who still lives at home, had one rule. It’s about not even thinking about darkening the door after dawn. If she saw me and the light at the same time, that was it. And if she didn’t see me and saw the light, the rest of the pasta fagioli would hit Kisser when I got home.

Coming back to Rosario, this session probably isn’t a big deal, but when it finally hits 4am, you have to start somewhere.

“Five years ago, everyone was very sober about cannabis,” Rosario said, with Congress later legalizing recreational marijuana, signed by Lamont. Whenever there’s a change they’re cool with it.Now you can go to the pharmacy and get cannabis.Never say never.”



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