Why Barbie’s Best Friend Midge Was Once Pulled Off A Shelf

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A couple literally doesn’t have the same value as a more popular best friend.Verderame says that Midge dolls dressed in good condition from the 1960s are usually worth $500 to $600 today and Alan dolls are worth between $300 and $500. But a vintage Barbie doll could be worth thousands.

But Midge has a loyal following, and they’re thrilled to finally see her in the film. When she was a child, she stole her sister’s Christmas present, her pregnant Midge doll, which she cherished until she was 12 years old.

“I was definitely one of those kids who ripped a Barbie doll apart,” Cottrell said. “I cut their hair off and painted their faces and stuff. And she’s one of the only people who never got the chop. Loved her little magnetic belly, she was always pretty much untouched.

Like Cottrell, Yvette Williams, a native of Rowland Heights, California, recognized Midge immediately when the character poster debuted. She immediately sent the poster to her mother, who gave her a Midge doll when she was four.

Williams believes the doll taught her about pregnancy, but much like the astronaut and doctor Barbie doll, she saw motherhood as an adult aspiration, which is why Midge facilitated teenage pregnancy. “As a four-year-old, I didn’t know what caused the pregnancy, but I knew that babies came from the mother’s womb,” she said. I don’t know if I learned from


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