Why HNIs are opting for 5 BHK residences now

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The trend of luxury living is gaining momentum among high-net-worth individuals in India, and Gurgaon has emerged as one of the most desirable locations for luxury development. The demand for opulent residences with more living space continues to grow, and only a handful of top-tier real estate developers in the country offer 5BHK exclusive living.

Here are a few reasons why high net-worth individuals are preferring 5 BHK residences:

Ample Space

Luxury 5BHK residences offer ample space, high-end amenities, and a grand living experience. They are designed to cater to larger space requirements of families, offering a comfortable living experience. Moreover, the 5BHK apartments allow residents to personalize their living spaces according to their individual needs and preferences. For instance, one of the bedrooms can be converted into a home office or gym, while another can be used as a guestroom or playroom for children. The concept of these apartments caters to every individual’s personal space and privacy under one roof.

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Strategic Location

In recent years, several residential hotspots in and around Dwarka Expressway, Golf Course Extension, and New Gurugram have become the top choice for those seeking luxury apartments in India. With their proximity to commercial hubs, excellent connectivity, and world-class amenities, these areas have witnessed an increasing demand for 5 BHK luxury apartments. However, the supply of such apartments in these locations is limited due to the high cost of land and construction materials and strict regulations and approval processes. As a result, the competition among developers to meet the demand for such high-end properties remains fierce.

Investment Potential

Luxury 5BHK apartments in Gurugram have a high potential for appreciation in value since it is one of the most sought-after locations for luxury housing in India. The city is home to many multinational corporations and high-end commercial retailers. It offers excellent connectivity within & outside the city via road and metro network. Furthermore, the city’s growing ex-pat population makes these apartments an attractive investment option for rental. The city’s real estate market has shown steady growth over the years and the demand for luxury properties is expected to push prices further up in the future.

Future of 5-BHK Apartment

Finding the right investment can be a daunting task for individuals seeking a super luxury apartment in Gurgaon. Only a few developers in the market cater to this exclusive niche. Elan Group, for instance, is setting new benchmarks in the Indian real estate industry by offering the most exclusive and luxurious 5BHK apartments in Gurgaon.

Exclusivity is the hallmark of every property, offering a sense of grandeur that cannot be matched by smaller apartments. These 5 BHK apartments are in one of the most prime locations that offer excellent connectivity to the airport and social infrastructure, proximity to commercial hubs, and a luxurious lifestyle.

Apart from offering a lavish living experience, these luxury residences are also a smart investment choice. The project’s high demand for these apartments, coupled with the prime location and the luxury amenities they offer, ensures high resale value and rental income potential for investors.

(By Vineet Dawar, Sr VP-Sales & Strategy, Elan Group. Views are personal.)


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