Why you should keep your social media apps up to date

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Social media apps publish so many updates that constant updating can be annoying. But are these updates really worth it?

Critical functionality and security updates are rolled out through app updates. Let’s talk about why you should keep your social media apps up to date.

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There are several reasons to update your social media apps. Regular updates help make social media apps more secure. Remediate security risks and add additional security measures as needed to accommodate new methods employed by hackers. For example, let’s see what happened to Hive Social. Several security flaws with the platform were revealed in December 2022. So the developer took the site down and updated it to fix the flaw.

Another benefit of regularly updating your social media apps is removing bugs and glitches. Regular updates gradually fix bugs and glitches to keep your social media app running smoothly.

Updates also help us improve the design and performance of the app, resulting in a better user experience.

Social media apps may even get a UI (user interface) redo in their next update, like Instagram’s visual refresh in May 2022. All of these help streamline app design to improve user experience.

Additionally, the app will add new features through updates, such as series features for TikTok and sound features for SnapChat. These features are made available through regular updates. If you’re using an older version of the app, you may not have access to newer features and functional tests.

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If a user requests a particular feature, the only way it can be added to your social media app is through an update. Similarly, if a new feature fails, use update to remove it.

Social media app updates are also used to improve integration with other sites and apps. It allows users to seamlessly share content across various social media platforms. One example is TikTok, which he partnered with Spotify to test an in-app shopping tab in 2021 before it became a permanent feature.

This allows Shopify sellers to sell their products directly on TikTok. Sellers can also add product links to her TikTok for seamless conversion.

Keeping your social media apps up to date is definitely a good idea. Failure to do so may result in a poor user experience and put your data at risk. Skipping too many updates can even cause your app to stop working as it becomes outdated.

Updates add features, improve app design, remove bugs, and improve security. That’s why we recommend keeping all your social media apps up to date.


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