WordPress Gutenberg 14.2 offers a better user experience

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Gutenberg 14.2 has been released and is available for download. The latest version includes user interface improvements, including workflow simplification, performance improvements, and new header and footer blocks.

All new features are incremental improvements that help make Gutenberg a cleaner and more intuitive site editor.

Improved user experience

Smarter Suggestions for Query Loop Block Variations

This improvement provides a smoother editing experience as only relevant query loop block patterns are displayed.

Improved write flow

Gutenberg has a more intuitive writing flow.

3 improvements:

  • “Siblings and line inserters have more natural animation effects.
  • Improved visual consistency when selecting multiple blocks.
  • The block insert functionality has been hidden while the user is typing to reduce visual clutter. ”

better function

Heading letter spacing

Letter spacing refers to the space between each letter in a word.

Being able to adjust the spacing between letters is especially important for heading elements. This is because some fonts may have the spaces too close together.

This new setting allows publishers to adjust the amount of space using the Global Styles interface.

Screenshot of Gutenberg's heading space control

better calendar block

More ways to adjust the appearance and functionality of the calendar block.

Background, link, and text colors are now set on calendar blocks.

Also, text colors can now be inherited from parent blocks, and colors can now be styled through global styles.

Improved editor performance

Fixed a bug in the extended list block feature.

A feature introduced in Gutenberg 14.0 on August 31, 2022 contained performance issues when list items were nested within each other.

WordPress describes issues and fixes.

“So if a List item is inside a List that is inside another List block, that block will be re-rendered 3 times! This issue is now fixed and should improve editor initial load performance .”

new function

New block pattern category

Gutenberg features two new block pattern categories for banners and footers.

A banner is described by WordPress as:

“Banner” here refers to any visually distinctive element (including headings and “hero” elements) that helps structure or contrast the content of the page. ”

Autocomplete links in blocks

Another new feature is that the link autocomplete feature is available for any block. This was a feature that had to be activated through an opt-in, but is now available by default on all blocks.

This feature is[[” shortcut.

Screenshot of Gutenberg Link Autocomplete in Blocks

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Aside from the above improvements and additions there are many more bug fixes and additional features that all cumulatively make Gutenberg a better site editor to use.

There are no big standout features, just a lot of improvements that will making creating sites with Gutenberg a better experience.


What’s new in Gutenberg 14.2?

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