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As part of the 2023 WordPress Big Picture goal, the project is embarking on an effort to deal with old tickets that are stuck due to lack of consensus, missing decisions, or multiple possible solutions. His WordPress core committer, Jb Audras, hosted his Tract triage session dedicated to moving these tickets forward and closing tickets that are no longer relevant.

Audras’ audit found 19 tickets over 15 years old and 688 tickets over 10 years old, but the largest chunk of 3,484 tickets falls into the 5-10 year old category.

The first kickoff session was held on January 26th on the #core Slack channel. Contributors started by selecting a small number of very old tickets with the goal of identifying a path to resolution and ticket owners. This sparked some new discussion, for example, on her 17-year-old ticket about “HTML comments in posts not handled properly” and another about her age about unnecessary slashes. get_pagenum_link().

Sometimes the ticket is closed, other times the contributor is working to reproduce the issue, test it, and update the patch if possible. Fix wp_get_attachment_url() function not returning valid URL when filename contains unescaped URL characters 13 year old ticket added to his 6.2 milestone, PR pending review was attached. Some tickets require a deep knowledge of WordPress history and benefit from the participation of seasoned contributors.

The next “Classic” triage session will be on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST on the #core Slack channel. Anyone wishing to participate in finding solutions to some of these old tickets is invited to participate. We also talked about


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