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New XTM International Logo


London, 30 March 2023 – XTM International has rebranded to better reflect its personality and vision. A new website and simplified logo are the main components of the updated brand image, but the changes made go deeper and affect all levels of the brand.

Best time to update

With over 20 years of experience in the localization technology industry, XTM is always at the forefront of innovative language technology. With the anniversary in mind, it was the ideal time to release a new brand image and a roadmap of his UI/UX improvements to the XTM cloud products that are underway to meet the needs of users.

Brand and UX specialist at XTM, Iris Bas, is leading the project and is happy with the end result. Advanced and powerful technology we provide. Our entire brand (logo, website, products, etc.) now adopts a much more modern look that better reflects who XTM really is, with a new look to offer the future of localization technology. We also have a motto. “

Additionally, while there may have been some confusion about the company name in the past,
Whether it was XTM International or just XTM is now resolved.
Simplify your main brand to XTM. Moreover, they will build the brand better.
Architecture to make product offerings more explicit.For this reason, the name of the product and
Sub-brands are more clearly defined with descriptors such as XTM Cloud, XTM
Academy, XTM Live, and more.

The First Step in Building a New XTM Brand: Defining Your Core Message

Increased clarity and transparency is one of the key elements of XTM’s rebranding. The aim is for everyone, from employees to customers to partners, to understand very clearly what its core message is. Its motto, mission, and vision are perfectly aligned not only with its purpose and future aspirations, but also with the future of the business. Learn more about XTM’s new motto, vision and mission statement here.

Billy Burnett, Vice President of Marketing at XTM, explains the importance of establishing core values ​​and messaging. The reality is that no matter how good your product or service is, you are what makes an organization good or bad. That’s why our core values ​​are the foundation of our corporate culture and what makes our vision possible. “

New XTM colors and look and feel

XTM has decided to simplify the color palette to match its personality and core message. Its main colors, Process Blue and Iron Gray, signify a clear connection with reliability, security, innovation and technology. They are paired with the accent colors Starship Green and Lavender to represent a constant quest for understanding and growth and a sense of calmness and tranquility in each, values ​​that resonate with the primary focus of providing solutions to customer needs. The palette is flexible with controlled and explicit use of scaling, shades and neutrals. This helps avoid readability issues and achieve a recognizable branded look and feel.

Brand Visual System – Consistency is Key

XTM has refined the framework of logos, typography, colors and design elements to create a more recognizable brand. The exercise includes new font combinations to improve readability and his UX, with secondary fonts making it easier to contrast and distinguish different digital products. To improve consistency of material, XTM now uses a reviewed icon family tailored to its products, a single illustration family for messages, and the same set of image styles.


XTM’s new look brand puts the customer at the center. With our new website and its new color scheme, we hope to improve the user experience by providing easier and more accessible navigation. Meanwhile, the new core message truly reflects the company’s history, present, and future trajectory as it moves toward its primary purpose of bringing the future of localization technology to all customers.

For more information on XTM’s rebranding, please contact:
Billy Burnette
Vice President of Marketing


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