y00ts forms a link from Solana to Polygon for easy user experience

1679954311 y00ts Polygon Migration Begins March 27th with Exclusive Benefits for Early Birds


y00ts, which happens to be the most popular non-fungible token (NFT), has declared that it has formed a link from Solana to Polygon. This will help provide greater liquidity and interoperability in terms of all those who happen to be looking for avenues to buy as well as sell NFTs. Also, the link to Polygon greatly improves the connectivity with the y00ts NFTs and nicely improves the overall user experience.

By the way, Polygon is a layer 2 upgrade solution that works on Ethereum. In addition to all other factors, this y00ts move to the Polygon network proves the importance of compatibility in the ever-changing NFT space. Being able to work in tandem with changing technologies and networks is critical for builders to stay on their toes.

Of all of these, anyone who happens to hold y00ts is considered a beneficiary directly from the link. For the first 24 hours, gas fees are processed without staking fees. The holder will also be the recipient of $5 USDC for all her Y00ts that happen to be listed on MagicEden. March 27, 2023.

In addition, y00ts’ team will perform a one-and-only BTC deGod airdrop to 1 Y00t, who happens to link to the polygon network in the first 24 hours. A snapshot will be created by the involved team members of all linked NFTs and a random winner will be selected from among them. Ultimately, Y00t’s team enforced a 33.3% paper hands bridge tax on all non-bridged y00ts until April 3, 2023.

y00ts’ NFTS not only offers a high degree of interactivity, it is unmatched. Web3 ArenaNFTs happen to be customizable, allowing owners to change not only the structure of y00ts, but also the color. In addition to this, there are options that allow you to create add-ons in the form of accessories such as hats and sunglasses. It also contains a built-in audio part that emits different sounds while the owner is interacting.

y00ts’ move to the Polygon network proves the importance of forming links between different blockchain networks. It will be a necessity of the hour to keep an eye on the ever-changing NFT market, and with NFT acceptance increasing daily, builders will need to stay in touch. Working with various networks will bring more exposure and enable us to offer fast and cost-effective transactions. This solves the problem of currently exorbitant transaction fees and the increased time it takes to execute transactions on the Polygon network.


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