Yale Law School Program with Kristin Wagoner (ADF), Nadine Strossen (ex-ACLU) and Robert Post (Former Dean)

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Last October, after a string of free speech scandals, I thought Yale Law School was about to take another step. The YLS administration has announced several concrete measures to protect speech and improve the intellectual climate. And there were early signs that they were coming to fruition, or that things were at least calming down on 127 Wall Street. For example, Kannon Shanmugam, a leading Supreme Court supporter, came to present his traditional SCOTUS term his preview to the Yale Federalist Society, but 70 vocal Unlike the previous year, when he faced protesters, he was not protested.

But Shanmugam, while one of the kindest and most reasonable people you’ll ever meet, isn’t exactly a lightning rod. The main reason he was protested is because his law firm, Paul He Weiss, represents ExxonMobil. To see if things have really changed at Yale, it’s much better to host an event with the Dark Queen herself. Kristen Wagoner is her CEO, president and general counsel for the Alliance to Defend Freedom (“ADF”) and is a conservative Christian. An advocacy group hated by the legal left, among others, for its stance on LGBTQ issues. All hell broke loose when Wagoner spoke at Yale last March. Over 100 angry protesters tried to shout the event. interfere significantly.

Last September, I suggested that Yale Law School should bring back Kristen Wagoner. It goes a long way in demonstrating an improved intellectual environment at Yale University. ” And it seems that someone listened to my suggestion.

Last Tuesday, January 24th, Kristen Wagoner returned to Yale and this time we talked. 303 Creative LLC v. Ellenis Case She made her case before the Supreme Court in December. Wagoner’s client 303 Creative He’s a website designer from Colorado who doesn’t want to design a website for same-sex marriage, and the incident raises questions such as: First Amendment”.

303 Creative is one of the most interesting, important and high-profile events this semester. So it’s clear why a group of law students would want to hold an event with him, one of the lawyers who claimed it. In other words, I do not believe that the invitation to Wagoner was intended solely for the purpose of “trolling” by the Yale Federalist Association, that is, against the Left.

In addition, Yale FedSoc arranged for two other speakers to join Wagoner. From 1991 she is Professor Nadine Strossen of New York Law School, who served as president of the American Civil Liberties Union until 2008, and Professor Robert Post of Yale Law School. From his 2009 he served as Dean until 2017. Professor Post and Professor Strossen are two of her leading researchers on the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Having a long-standing interest in the First Amendment and free speech, she would have liked to attend if it was open to the public.

How was Tuesday’s YLS event with Kristen Wagoner? It may surprise or shock you. …


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