Yelp Unveils Three New Features to Transform User Experience and Boost Engagement

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Yelp is announcing three new features that will improve the user experience and give businesses more ways to connect with their customers. Features include:

  • We guarantee. A satisfaction guarantee program designed to give users peace of mind when requesting a quote from a home service professional.
  • An advanced search experience powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM) helps users find and connect with the right businesses that meet their needs.
  • Immersive videos, interactive topics, new reactions in reviews. They’re designed to make your Yelp posts more engaging.

Guaranteed is a satisfaction guarantee program that offers users up to $2,500 in refunds if something goes wrong with their home improvement project.

By participating in the Yelp Assurance Program, businesses demonstrate their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. Program participants post his Yelp Guaranteed badge on the list.

How to use. Users are protected when engaging with a covered business through Yelp’s Request a Quote feature. User has encountered difficulty resolving issues directly with the business, whether due to dissatisfaction with the work performed, property damage related to the project, or the business failing to show up for prepaid work You can submit a claim if

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availability. Yelp Guaranteed is currently available to eligible Request a Quote active advertisers based on a variety of eligibility factors. Users find participating businesses by using the “Yelp Guaranteed” filter in search or by looking for her Yelp Guaranteed badge on eligible business pages and the “Projects” tab.

Yelp Guaranteed is available on iOS devices in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Seattle and Washington DC. The program is expected to be available on all platforms nationwide by the summer. We cover some of the most in-demand home service categories, including movers, plumbers, HVAC, contractors, landscapers, and electricians.

detailed searchYelp is working to enhance the search experience with AI-trained large-scale language models.

The announced search features are:

  • Review highlights to better understand user search intent and make it easier to discover relevant businesses by highlighting relevant information from reviews in new snippets that appear below business listings.
  • Location-agnostic search suggestions that help users find your business wherever they are based on their search intent.
  • A “Surprise Me” feature for making meal suggestions.
  • Clickable category tags to enhance discovery in search. Tags help users refine their searches and lead them to the right business, especially in the restaurants, food, and nightlife categories.

Yelp hopes these features will increase exposure, leading to more inquiries, more reviews, and ultimately more business opportunities for businesses.

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New engagement features. Yelp is introducing new visual and interactive features for users to share their experiences with businesses, engage with and respond to reviews.

New features help you grow your business by showcasing your products more effectively, increasing user engagement, enhancing storytelling, improving reputation, and increasing visibility. Features include:

  • Review video: Users can now post high-definition videos of up to 12 seconds along with text reviews and photos to give a glimpse into the business experience.
  • Review the topic for ease of writing. To help users overcome their writer’s block when writing reviews, Yelp has created interactive review topics for restaurants, food, and nightlife businesses: Food, Service, Atmosphere. are being introduced. These topics help users track coverage and suggest other aspects to address. When a topic is covered, the draft review will have a checkmark at the top and will automatically turn green. Yelp plans to expand relevant review topics to additional categories such as services, beauty, wellness and shopping in the coming months.
  • New review reaction: Over the past 15 years, review responses like “helpful,” “interesting,” and “cool” have become synonymous with Yelp. Yelp now offers a more expressive way to thank users for their reviews with new reactions such as “helpful,” “thank you,” “I like this,” and “dislike.” are being introduced. According to Yelp, these new responses boosted his response to reviews by 6x.
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Dig deeper. Learn more about what’s new here.

why you care. These new features will enhance your company’s targeting, visibility, and user engagement, ultimately improving your advertising results. AI-driven search capabilities, personalized recommendations, and visually rich content connect users to businesses that meet their specific needs, increasing their chances of conversion. In addition, programs like Yelp Guaranteed can increase trust among users, resulting in additional benefits for advertisers who participate in the program.


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