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Video software provider Synamedia has confirmed that yes, the pay TV subsidiary of Israeli telco Bezeq, is rolling out an enhanced smart TV user experience with its yes+ premium streaming service powered by Synadia Go Experience Manager. In addition, yes has released a new range of yes+ smart TV applications developed by 3 Screen Solutions (3SS) in partnership with Synamedia.

yes has selected Synamedia and 3SS for the yes+ smart TV app, which they previously collaborated on in launching the smart TV app for the StingTV streaming service. Launched in February 2023, the new yes+ app supports LG webOS and Samsung Tizen operating systems and has the same look and feel and user experience as other yes+ platforms. The newly released smart TV app is powered by his 3SS’s 3Ready framework with video platform technology from yes’s major technology partner, Synadia.

To enhance the yes+ user experience, yes adopts the latest version of Synamedia Go Experience Manager to provide a rich smart TV user experience. This allows yes to personalize the viewing experience with content recommendations based on previous viewing behavior and trends. Another advantage is the ability to combine content and channels from different sources and display them in content collections for a highly personalized user experience and increased engagement. yes also utilizes Synadia’s security solutions and video networking technology that includes delays comparable to yes+’s broadcasts.

Itzhak Elyakim, vice president of engineering and CTO at yes, said: “Having seen first-hand how both companies had to overcome many technical challenges when developing the StingTV smart TV app, we were confident that we would be able to repeat this success. With platform enhancements, we now have operational tools to easily add updates to the yes+ user experience to reflect audience behavior and content popularity.”

Synamedia’s CTO, Dr. Tzvi Gerstl, said: “Together, we have delivered an exceptional viewing experience to our yes+ subscribers, and we will continue to work together to leverage the latest technology to further enhance our services.”

“Having worked with Synamedia to successfully launch smart TV apps for yes+, StingTV, and other video service providers, we are becoming the dream team for smart TV apps for Synamedia’s customers.” Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3SS added, “We know how to meet the stringent demands for a seamless user experience on all devices underpinned by rock-solid security and reliability.”


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